Songs lost to radio


Agree, very very lost.

So lost that it’s probably somewhere in Antarctica trying to find New York.


Don’t Leave Me This Way is a volume raiser not a station changer for me :slight_smile:


I remember hearing most songs from that list on Stereo 10 back then,‘Big Time ’ by Peter Gabriel on FM104(Triple M)
’'Mad About You " (1986)by Belinda Carlisle’is definitely a lost track .Stations these days such as 97.3 continue to flog “Heaven is a Place on Earth” or 'Summer Rain":-1:


Lady In Red is not so much a bad song as an insult to the craft of songwriting and singing.

Where did you get that EON FM chart? This is an excellent resource for old charts, as is this blog.


Oh yes Big Time (and that whole album) is a signature FM104 song.


Yeah I got a shock the other day when 97.3 played BC ‘In too deep’.


Great chart - thanks for posting.

I never knew EON were using the ‘Triple your music’ positioner back then!

Awesome #2… So often pop bands have a few pop hits before moving to a ballad…

Like ‘No more words’ and ‘Dancing in Berlin’…

In 1986 with ‘Take my breath away’ Berlin were being played on virtually every commercial radio station in New Zealand… I remember in Christchurch 3ZB, ZM-FM and Radio Avon all played it.


That’s a pretty good link for old music charts.

I have EON FM charts for 21 Aug 86 through 16 Oct 86, all from The Age Green Guide - I think it was for a school project or something…not sure why I kept them, but I still have them…(And for Mars_Argo, on 11 September it was EON FM The Rock Force and 18 September it switched to EON FM Triple Your Music).

And then I have one random music chart from 22 March 1990 - Bay FM/3XY. From song 30 onwards there is a lot of lost music…even beyond Hollywood Beyond (who apparently are somewhere between Antarctica and New York!), although I always liked Sweet and Low - coz Blondie rocks! That’s my call for best lost song of that week…


It would be great if you could scan and upload them somewhere, though I know it’s rather tedious and it’s probably not your first priority in life! There is a radio history thread in here which might be suitable. 1986 is one of the years for which there’s a dearth of charts on the link I posted previously.


Some great tunes there;
No Myth-Michael Penn
Just Between You and Me-Lou Gramm
Only You-Bang the Drum
The Love We Make-Girl Overboard
Milli Vanilli-I’m Ashamed to admit it 'I liked them back then and I still do😊
I only have heard any of these songs on River 94.9 ,that was when I was still allowed to listen to them at work :confused:


While you tubing these songs i also got a recommendation for other lost songs.

“Daddy’s gonna make you a big star” and “Sweet Love” both by Company of Strangers.

Have only ever heard the other hit"Motor City" on radio in the last ten years.


Both of those Company Of Strangers songs are excellent. Some other forgotten Oz/Kiwi rock tunes of that era include:

Someone’s Singing New York, New York- GHOSTWRITERS
Train Of Thought- THE SHARP
Trippin’- PUSH PUSH
Love Gets Rough- TROY NEWMAN
Watching The Wind Blow- TALL TALES & TRUE


I only know the first song on your list


Fly Too High - Janis Ian. Heard it today on 92.7 Mix FM. Only hear it once a year, usually during 80’s August.


No myth - Romeo in black jeans… oh my goodness! Great track.


His other hit song…“This And That”… equally as good.

£ £ £ I’ll do this, I’ll do that, I’ll be burning canyons for you £ £ £


Only you was a great song ~ thanks for reminding me - I’d completely… forgotten!

lonely hearts, lonely minds…

Interestingly I don’t really remember hearing it on the radio at the time (it was when CHR was scarce) but I certainly remember it on the TV!


In 1988 when we ran out of Top 40/CHR radio here in Brisbane I had friends send me tapes from CHCH - C93 and ZMFM…

This song featured prominently…

The only time I heard it in Brisbane was on 101.1 on a Friday night countdown. Homosexuality was decriminalised a year later lol.


Plenty of lost songs from this week in 1980. A selection:

Skinny Girls- ALAN O’DAY (heard once on 2CA by me, and never again).
I’m Alive- ELO (used as the ‘Alive 90.5’ theme song, but rarely heard in full)
We Live For Love- PAT BENATAR
You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties- JONA LEWIE
When I’m With You- SPARKS (A “Forever Classic” exclusive)
I Only Want To Be With You- THE TOURISTS (deserves more airplay)


We Live For Love is among my favourite Pat Benatar songs.