Social Media

I couldn’t log in to Twitter on my laptop this morning at around 8.30am AEDT, so I used the Twitter app on my smartphone and it worked perfectly.

The app wasn’t working for me earlier.

Not working properly for me now, seems to be coming and going all day so far.

Extremely hit and miss, but not entirely down.

It cannot load replies or trends unless I put my VPN on another country. I can still tweet, like, retweet without the VPN though.

Still struggling in browser.

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Pretty sad to see this - had been using Tweetbot for a decade or so given the official app has always been mediocre at best and now seems to be even worse. What a shame.

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YouTube has a similar ad-free subscription tier called YouTube Premium.

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This was inevitable, particularly after Twitter’s move and with the primaries just around the corner.

There’s a simple rule for Instagram: if the profile isn’t private, it’s probably an ad.