Social Media

Are you on social media?

What social channels do you use to connect with friends, family, news and other events?

Feel free to talk all things social and if you are inclined list your handles.

I regularly use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat.

I use Facebook for friends, family, colleagues, etc. It’s also my go to place for memes lol
I use Twitter for all my technology related sites
I also have snapchat and Instagram. :slight_smile:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. I just haven’t figured out Snapchat. My brain can’t get around it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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As I’m sure many of you are already more than aware of, I’m on Twitter and if it counts as a social media website, YouTube as well. :slight_smile:

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Facebook for me to share photos, stories, silly check-in locations and keeping abreast of friends and families.

Twitter for interacting with personalities and radio presenters, and to check up on the news.

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I must admit that I absolutely hate the UI of snapchat. Damn awful and confusing!

There needs to be some sort of guide to tell me which social media aite I should post a photograph to after I’ve taken it.

I’m on about five social media sites. Not terribly active on them though

That’s easy. You post to Instagram which gives you the option to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts. So you can immediately post to them as well.

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Sarcasm, Mr Bar!

:laughing: I work with a lot of people who have no idea about social media so when people are lost, I think they’re being fair dinkum.

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I use about seven sites lol

Is Snapchat dead?

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Not dead yet, but certainly dying. The re-design virtually killed it off, throwing everything out of chronological order and then moving celebrities/officials accounts into another unordered tab. It’s chaos.

Everyone I know is largely switching to Instagram stories, although I do have a few chat groups still on the run in Snapchat which we haven’t moved out.

I hate the new design, it really doesn’t make sense and it just doesn’t gell well. It started dying when they changed design, it was easy to follow and navigate before now I’m getting shit that I don’t follow. #

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I deleted my account a couple of months ago because I hadn’t opened it in months. The rest of the world is just catching up. .:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ohhh so JBar is actually JennerBar.

Hashtag trendsetter


Snap is for nudes. Insta is for friends.

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Just remember to hashtag it on Insta because it seems only the pervs will see it on Snapchat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:thinking:so your on Snapchat?

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