Snack Masters


How could he when he didn’t even have the tomatoes and his buns looked like they came from Armageddon?

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I digress :rofl:

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I enjoyed the premiere episode, despite the excessive length and need for constant recapping of what we already knew.

The final cook-off was a bit disappointing with 4 people in a carpark and not cooking at the same time. Both should have cooked simultaneously with a big MasterChef-esque clock with someone yelling 5 minutes to go etc. The open ended time-frame and different cook times provided no tension.

The choice of winner seemed laughable really with a key component left on the bench! :tomato:

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The network gets more broadcast time for little extra cost. It’s the same tactic as almost every locally produced reality show now. There was a lot of padding (Yvie’s behind-the-scenes segments felt like infomercials) and too many creepy close-up shots of Jack Cowin. Cutting it to 60 or even 70 minutes would have made for a tighter show.

The justification was that Mitch did the two key components of the dish (flame grilled beef pattie and angry onions) far better which is fair enough. The chips were also an afterthought with zero screen time spent discussing their preparation (I thought they would at least select what variety of potato, etc)

I wonder if there will be any increase )or decrease) in sales for Angry Whoppers after the show. Can’t imagine anyone really wanting to rush out and buy one after seeing them on the show.

Also thought it was strange that there was no time given the the fries part of the challenge - not in how they were made in the store or how the two chefs made them or who had the better reproduction. :fries:

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I think they should have stayed true to the legacy of the normal Whopper! Not this new incarnation of the same thing.

It is the same burger as the normal Whopper with three additional ingredients (cheese, jalapenos, angry onions)

Im aware. It not the legacy Whopper tho.

I caught the last ~15 minutes or so and assumed I had missed a critique of the fries. Shame, given there’s presumably a challenge in getting the right seasoning, size, crunch etc

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Perhaps the source of the fries or how they are prepared in the factory and then instore isn’t a good selling point.



I really like the concept and hope the show is renewed. But, I really struggled to get through last night’s episode with all the padding. It really needs to be cut back to one hour rather than the 100 minutes that aired last night. The amount of recapping and repeating information was way past what we’ve seen before. Even the opening of the show had recapping of the first two episodes that were irrelevant to last night. The task was essentially to make and ice cream and a waffle. The outcome was telegraphed almost from the start with the missing fudge swirl.


Agree with you there - I like the concept but the padding and repetition is just too much.

And mentioned every six minutes throughout the episode.

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I saw this week’s episodes and really enjoyed this show. I’m guessing the products put a bit in O the production as it is essentially one big commercial for them. I probably wouldn’t have watched it in the normal ratings year but it was good filler whilst not much else was on.

They definitely could shorten the episodes, the testing bit goes a bit too long. Otherwise I thought it was good and will be catching up on the ones that I missed last week.

The show was also obviously impacted by COVID. The segments were disjointed with judges and hosts in different cities and Yvie unable to travel to most of the manufacturing plants - in the last episodes stuck in a distribution warehouse. It would be better if the judges were in the same location as the the cook off.


And padded to extreme to fill 90 minutes.
Watch the UK version if you want a good show. Poh is the only good thing about, even if she is a little over the top

So this was one of those things that was a good concept out of the UK that Australia picked up and did what Australia does with all of its reality properties?

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Yep sure was……
Fingers crossed 10 go back to the UK grass roots format with First Dates and don’t try to ring it out

Edit: Returning for Season 2.

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