Snack Masters

Very brave of them to put it up against Masterchef if they’re doing it in Q2.

I’m not seeing where in that article that it says it’s returning in Q2.

I think season 2 won’t be on the same nights as MasterChef, it will be on Saturday 7.30pm once Space Invaders finishes its season.

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It says S2 (season 2) not Q2.

Yes apologies, I misread earlier this morning. I’ve edited my post.

Snack Masters Australia premieres in New Zealand on TVNZ2 next Monday (August 8) at 8.40pm, after MasterChef Australia. However it will start with episode 2, Cadbury Favourites.

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Second season.

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Another promo aired during the ARIA Awards tonight. It says season 2 will have six episodes, each covering one snack such as Four ‘N’ Twenty pie and Iced Vovo.

Season 2 premieres Sunday 4 December 7pm

Sunday Episode 1: Arnott’s Tim Tam & Iced Vovo
Join hosts Scott Pickett and Poh Ling Yeow as two elite chefs battle to make perfect replicas of one of the nation’s best-loved snacks, while inveterate snack lover Yvie Jones gains access to the production lines for these delicious treats, giving viewers a sneak peek inside the factories where the snacks are made

Monday Episode 2: Domino’s Loaded Pepperoni Cheesy Crust Pizza
With its unique salty and slightly sweet flavour profile complementing the traditional tomato sauce and cheese
combination of a typical pizza, which chef has the pizzazz to perfect the recreation of this top-crust pizza?

It looks like season 2 will air across three weeks, including the week when Nine has live coverage of FINA World Short Course Championships from Melbourne (December 13-18).

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The top chefs in the land are back for television’s tastiest challenge when Snackmasters resumes with a brand-new knockout competition, Sunday, December 4, at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

Snackmasters sweetened up our TV screens in 2021, uncovering the secrets in the recipes of some of our most famous snacks, including the mysterious ingredients of the Cheese Twistie, and this year it returns bigger and better with a competition full of more tasty surprises.

Over three huge weeks, Season 2 tests the limits of eight of Australia’s best and most fiercely competitive chefs as they go head-to-head in a new knockout cooking competition to see who can crack the snack and win the title of Ultimate Snackmaster.

Join hosts Scott Pickett and Poh Ling Yeow as each episode of Snackmasters sees two elite chefs in a battle to make perfect replicas of one of the nation’s best-loved snacks, while inveterate snack lover Yvie Jones gains access to the production lines for these delicious treats, giving viewers a sneak peek inside the factories where the snacks are made.

From the classic Arnott’s Tim Tam that’s adorned kitchen cupboards since 1963 and the hugely popular Aussie Four’N Twenty classic meat pie to a Domino’s Pepperoni, the nation’s most popular pizza, our culinary maestros will have nothing but limitless supplies of these products and their own taste buds as they try to crack the secrets of the snack.

Over the course of three days we follow each chef as they go through a process of trial and error to replicate the exact taste, look and texture, discovering that it’s far more complicated than they thought, before bringing everything they’ve learnt to a dramatic face-to-face kitchen cook-off where they’ll try to replicate the snack under extreme time pressure.

In this knockout competition we start with eight highly skilled chefs. The four winners from each heat advance to an action-packed semi-final where two more chefs are knocked out, leaving the last two to battle for the honour of Ultimate Snackmaster champion.



Our co-hosts in the kitchens, Poh Ling Yeow and Scott Pickett, are back and there every step of the way to witness our chefs’ culinary triumphs and failures while our comedic factory host, Yvie Jones, enters the heart of the snack factories to unlock the mysteries of how the snacks are really made.


Chef, artist and TV presenter Poh Ling Yeow’s food career began in the first season of MasterChef Australia in 2009, swinging her into celebrity cooking status. Since then this Malaysian-born chef’s career has thrived with the release of two SBS series, Poh’s Kitchen and most recently Poh & Co.

The full-time artist-turned-cook opened a café in 2016 at Adelaide Central Market named Jamface by Poh. In 2020, Poh returned to MasterChef for the all-stars MasterChef Australia: Back To Win season.

In 2022, Poh also used her artistic talents as a competitor on Nine’s LEGO® Masters Bricksmas Specials and joined Getaway as a contributing host.

Poh’s bubbly, artistic personality is a surefire recipe for fun during the cook-offs, and she looks forward to seeing how the chefs fare against each other to crack the secrets of the snacks.

“What especially excites me about Snackmasters is the show’s appeal to everyone from old to young,” she says. “These snacks are a part of our Aussie identity and childhood memories, but most importantly this is a fun food show and right now the world needs fun.”


Scott Pickett is an award-winning chef, author and television presenter. Known as “the meat man”, Scott was the executive chef at one of Australia’s most credited steak restaurants, The Point Restaurant in Melbourne’s Albert Park, for more than five years. He also offered an extensive modern European menu enabled by his classical French training.

A favourite on the Melbourne food scene, the Australian Good Food Guide has awarded most of Scott’s ventures with one and two chef hats. His award-winning Melbourne restaurants Estelle, Matilda 159 Domain, Lupo, Pastore and Pickett’s Deli & Rotisserie embody his generosity of spirit, values and craft.

In 2015, Scott co-presented Hotplate on Channel 9 with Tom Parker Bowles.

Snackmasters is a great fun show that really gives the viewers at home an insight into how their favourite snack is made,” he says.


Exuberant Yvie Jones started her television career on Gogglebox Australia in 2015 with her friend and colleague, Angie Kent. The loveable duo were fan favourites for their hilarious take on TV shows and affinity with dogs right up until 2018.

In 2019, Yvie starred on season five of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! and was the runner-up.

Since then she has hosted on Fox FM’s Breakfast show as well as joining Grant Denyer in 2019 to host The Grant and Yvie Show, a summer Breakfast show on major metro radio stations.

Most recently she has reunited with bestie Angie for their podcast Two Girls, One Pod.

A self-confessed sweet tooth and avid snacker, Yvie’s bright and infectious character is a perfect pairing to unlock the secrets of great Aussie snack production.

"Chefs aren’t known for serving up ‘that’ll do’ dishes, so I love the idea of these elite chefs on Snackmasters being stumped by something that seems so simple and everyday,” Yvie declared.


For each weekly snack, a specialist judging panel of four experts straight from the snack factories will deliberate over each chef’s rendition. With various elements to consider like ingredients, shape, size, texture, colour, and of course flavour, the chefs’ fate is in the hands of these aficionados.

The trophy and promise of eternal glory of The Snackmaster title dangles over the competing chefs and the winner will take all. Which chef can crack the perfect snack? And who will it all crumble to pieces for?

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Heat 1


Since 1963 there’s been a packet of Tim Tams in millions of kitchen cupboards across the country. But they never stay there long. We manage to munch our way through 50 million packets a year as they roll off the production line at the rate of 3,000 biscuits per minute! The flavours have come a long way in 59 years, but the number one favourite is still the original Tim Tam Classic. It’s supposed to be a treat, but let’s face it – for a lot of us it’s a staple.

Astonishingly, the Arnott’s Iced VoVo has been an Aussie family favourite for more than a century – since 1906. This treasured biscuit topped with pink fondant, a strip of jammy raspberry filling and a sprinkling of desiccated coconut even inspired a mention in Kevin Rudd’s federal election victory speech in 2007, with the PM saying, “Friends, tomorrow the work begins. You can have a strong cup of tea if you want, even an Iced VoVo on the way through. But the celebration stops there.”

The Iced VoVo has motivated spinoffs with milk, a craft beer imitation, and even a dress at Australian Fashion Week.

Will one of the chefs do a Tim Tam slam dunk and become The Snackmaster, or will they find themselves in a jam when they are surprised halfway through the show with the tricky Iced VoVo?


Arnott’s is our largest biscuit producer, with Aussies eating more than 380 million Tim Tams a year. However, during the pandemic we got through 270 million Tim Tams in just four months!


The Battle of Flinders Lane: Adam D’Sylva (VIC) vs Benjamin Cooper (VIC) in a State vs State Battle


Celebrity chef Adam D’Sylva is no stranger to our screens as a regular on Aussie cooking shows.

Adam won The Age 2008 Good Food Guide’s Young Chef of the Year Award and earned a trip to New York to work with Thomas Keller at Per Se, one of America’s best restaurants. He was also the Victorian winner in the Lexus Young Chef of the Year Award twice, and secured a place as a heavy hitter on Melbourne’s dining scene.

One of Australia’s most prominent chefs, Adam draws inspiration from his mixed family heritage and local experience to design menus of contrasting flavours that he grew up eating.

In 2021, Adam took the helm as Creative Culinary Director at Melbourne’s unique restaurant Lollo at the W Hotel. Here Adam has created a menu as familiar as it is unexpected, highlighting Australia’s unmistakable fresh produce and making Lollo an extension of his own story – eclectic, bold and modern with a chef-driven menu of sharp, fragrant flavours designed to be shared.


Originally aiming for a career in economics, Benjamin Cooper took a year out of his studies to do a culinary apprenticeship and it only took one day in the kitchen to convince him that he wanted to be a chef.

From his very early days Benjamin worked alongside some of Australia’s most celebrated chefs, including Neil Perry and Kylie Kwong.

Heading to the UK, he first worked with fellow Aussie John Torode as Head Chef of Terrance Conrad’s Bluebird in Chelsea, then graduated as Junior Sous Chef at John Torode’s Smiths of Smithfield, before spending two years under Executive Chef Mark Edwards at London’s Nobu. He worked with Australia’s best known Thai chef, David Thompson, at Nahm and also at The Halkin Hotel, the first Michelin-starred Thai restaurant in Europe.

After returning to Australia, Benjamin was appointed Head Chef at Ezard in Melbourne before moving on to become Head Chef at Longrain.

In 2011, Benjamin became Executive Chef at Chin Chin, which is famous for South-East Asian food that packs a punch and expanded to Sydney recently.

Ben’s passion for authentic techniques, exceptional ingredients and experimenting with flavours and texture combinations has redefined Asian cuisine in Australia and turned Chin Chin into a super success on the Melbourne and Sydney food scene.

Heat 2


The first Australian Domino’s store opened in Springwood, Queensland in 1983. Domino’s quickly became Australia’s No.1 pizza joint, consistently using the latest technology to create enjoyable customer experiences.

With their delicious range of crusts, sauces, cheeses and toppings all made fresh to order, it’s no wonder Aussies love their pizzas. And the Pepperoni is the most popular pizza in Australia, with Domino’s stores across the country delivering an average of 40,500 to hungry Aussies every day.

It is so popular that there is even a National Pepperoni Pizza Day in September where Aussies are encouraged to put more “pepp” in their step … or should they say stomachs!

With its unique salty and slightly sweet flavour profile complementing the traditional tomato sauce and cheese combination of a typical pizza, which chef has the pizzazz to perfect the recreation of this top-crust pizza?


Domino’s use around 1,407 metric tonnes of pepperoni a year – that’s 27,000 kilograms a week. Not only is Pepperoni Pizza a clear favourite, but pepperoni itself is one of Australia’s most popular toppings, with more than 750,000 slices added to Domino’s pizzas every year. That’s 1,300 metric tonnes of pepperoni – which is more than three and a half 25-metre swimming pools filled to the rim!


Laura Sharrad (SA) vs Duncan Welgemoed (SA) in a State vs State Battle


An established star of the Adelaide restaurant scene, at the age of twenty-six Laura Sharrad is an extremely accomplished chef who owns two successful restaurants.

This young gun is another MasterChef discovery. After being runner-up in series six, Laura came back to compete again in the 12th season, where she narrowly missed out on the crown for a second time in 2020.

She was the Junior Chef at award-winning restaurant Orana, owned and operated by Jock Zonfrillo. Here she met her husband, Max Sharrad, with whom she went on to open their first restaurant.

Although an amazing all-rounder, Laura’s most notable cuisine is modern and traditional Italian, inspired by her time cooking as a child with her Nonna.


Duncan Welgemoed is a big man with a big personality.

The South African-born Executive Chef is one of Australia’s most sought after culinary talents and owner of the highly popular South Australian eatery, Africola.

A must-visit Adelaide dining experience, Africola was voted fifth best restaurant in the 2019 Top 100 Australian restaurants and has featured in countless magazines, newspapers and TV shows around the world.

Frequented by rock stars and celebrities alike, Africola offers something truly unique in the city and the whole dining landscape.

With a roaring charcoal spit and wood-fired oven at its centre, and unconventional dishes on the menu, Africola is an exciting mixture of food, culture and creativity.

Duncan is considered chef royalty in Adelaide, which explains why it can take around three months to get a booking at Africola.

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To come

Heat 3


Heat 4






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I think we need a few more examples to demonstrate just how much 1.407 metric tonnes (or is it 1,300 metric tonnes?) of pepperoni equates to.

The swimming pool and slices just aren’t doing it for me.

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The other four chefs taking part in the heats 3 and 4 are
Darren Robertson – Three Blue Ducks and Rocker (both Sydney)
Vincent Lim – Lawson Chinese Restaurant (Lawson, NSW) and TikTok sensation
Jarrod Walsh & Dot Lee – Hartsyard (Newtown, Sydney)
Sam Young & Grace Chen – S’more (Castlecrag, Sydney)