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Doing his after 8:00pm shift in the Midday Sun!!


I thought I’d give Smooth 95.3 another try today through Radioapp … and the annoying issues have been removed (well they weren’t there for about six hours), no preroll ads and no random ads playing over songs. I hope it stays that way.


And he works 7 nights a week


Which episode is that from?

I just watched episode 24 season 25 which aired on 18th of August on 7plus and he wasnt featured on that episode


Definitely from the episode which aired in Sydney on Sunday - towards the start of the program IIRC.


The new Saturday night program starts from tomorrow at 6pm.


Listening to Smooth FM digital in Brisbane this morning, as I usually do. Is it just me or have they radically changed the playlist this morning? A lot more older songs it seems this morning?? I heard about 4 or 5 “old” songs in a row from 7am. Might be just an aberration but I didn’t like it…


How old is old?


They played 3 or 4 60s songs in half an hour.

They seem to be back to normal now though.


According to Online Radio Box, it wasn’t the case on its FM stations in Sydney & presumably Melbourne. Therefore, this would’ve only applied to its DAB-only stations in Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth.

For the record, this is what was played on Smooth in Sydney between 7 & 7:30 this morning:

7:05 Ronan Keating - Life Is A Rollercoaster
7:09 Stevie Wonder - Isn’t She Lovely
7:12 Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
7:18 The Pointer Sisters - Jump
7:23 Sixpence None The Richer - There She Goes


Yeah that’s definitely not what they played in Brisbane at 7am. They might break away with the playlist at breakfast particularly now daylight savings is on in Sydney. They seem to be back in sync now though.


Those older songs weren’t a good fit for the format?

I listened to the digital Smooth in Brisbane early on Sunday night and was surprised at that time of the tempo and era of the songs.


Yes they were a good fit (and I’ve heard them before on Smooth) but just hearing them back to back without the more up tempo 80s and 90s hits seemed strange. Normally you don’t get that many 60s songs in a row on Smooth :slight_smile:


Mike Goldman and Bree Amer are leading the Radiothon on Smooth 95.3 this Friday at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.*

*According to this post on Facebook:


Saw Today just after 5 Smooth played The Beatles Ticket to Ride as an Example of the very few 60’s Songs the Station plays every now and then, Who needs 2CH???


Doing some airchecks this arvo and came across this on smooth - a good example of how news editoral being interstate and voicetracking can fail.

Edited down version of the 5pm news and break immediately afterwards.

The biggest news in Melbourne at 5pm was a major incident on Bourke Street (car on fire, shots fired, mass chaos) - reported as first item on traffic report and news. Then Bryon Webb (from Sydney) comes on telling people to head down to Bourke St tonight for the opening of the Myer Christmas Windows. Wouldn’t have been a great suggestion until 30 mins this went to air, but probably not so much now.

And the news read by Ron Wilson (from Sydney too) sounds like its presented out of market, to an out of market audience. The presentation would be ideal if he was reading Melbourne’s news to people in Sydney.

He refers to the “Royal Childrens Hospital” as the “Melbourne Childrens Hospital” - everyone in Melbourne uses would call it the “Royal Childrens” or simply “Childrens Hospital” - no need to point out that it’s in Melbourne for a Melbourne audience.

The the next item is about a storm a while back that created an asthma epidemic - he again needlessly qualifys the story as being in Melbourne and recounts it as though the listener knows nothing about the event - but almost everyone in Melbourne will remember it.

Then in sport, the AFL story selected is so far from being the biggest AFL news of the day that almost no one else is even reporting it.


Yeah not great, there’s something about Wilson’s cadence which doesn’t quite sit right either. On the other hand, kudos for them getting something to air. FM news bulletins often sound stale, as if they were scripted and recorded hours ago.

Send it in to Media Watch.


I took mum to the doctors today in Newcastle (Lake Macquarie to be exact) & they were streaming Smooth 95.3 into the waiting room.


Hows macfm going up there? Some good music shows or is swamped with abc local radio from the gong?


He wins his CRA Awards for Smooth 95.3, so that is probably Wilson’s focus.