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Discuss matters relating to the following stations:

Smooth 95.3 Sydney
Smooth 91.5 Melbourne

Smooth DAB+ Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth

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Smooth FM’s “Top 500 Smooth Favourites” countdown returns for its 3rd year, highlighting the year’s most popular songs being played on the station. It will begin on Friday 22nd January & will conclude on Australia Day.

Source: Radio Today


Smooth have updated their website.


Tomorrow marks 4 years since the Smooth FM brand was born on 95.3 in Sydney & 91.5 in Melbourne, replacing the previous “Classic Rock” brand.

Since its launch, Smooth in both cities have become far more popular than its previous Vega/Classic Rock branding, reaching new ratings high, which included being the #1 FM station in Sydney for 2 consecutive surveys last year. The reason for their success is that they offer a music format that is very different from the other commercial FM stations, something they didn’t really do when they were Vega & later Classic Rock.

In February 2013, Smooth expanded into Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth via DAB+, which meant that the station is available in all 5 major capital cities on either FM or DAB+.


Radio Today covering Smooth’s 4th Birthday.


As it happens, I randomly thought of my recording of the launch this evening. Here it is:


Nova’s Paul Jackson on Smooth:

“Our entire radio station costs less than KIIS FM’s breakfast show (Kyle and Jackie O) or WSFM’s breakfast show (Amanda Keller and Brendan Jones),”

A very good story about Smooth.

One error is the claim that Wham hadn’t been played on radio for some 30 years until recently. I definitely have heard Wake Me Up on Sydney radio in the last few years.


I’m pretty sure that “Last Christmas” would’ve gotten a run during the festive season in recent years as well…


American music legend Dionne Warwick will host a series of special shows on Smooth at 4pm-5pm Sundays from July 31.


Smooth are still using the same television commercial with Bubble that launched the ‘new’ radio station. Time to get a new one, I think.


I agree, especially when there has been a more recently produced generic TVC for Smooth!

Although considering how Smooth FM has done in the Sydney ratings lately, they probably feel that there’s no need to change their branding for the moment.


According to Radio Today, Dolly Parton is the latest star to host a show on Smooth FM. She can be heard from 4pm to 5pm Sundays from next week.


Dolly not working 9-5?

Sorry had to…


It should be a duo with Kenny Rogers.


Nova Entertainment has announced a number of key programming appointments in a restructure of the Nova & smoothfm programming team in Sydney.

Current PD for smoothfm, Peter Clay, is being promoted to the newly created role of Head of Programs for Nova 96.9 & the smoothfm network. Network Special Projects, Georgie Page, has been appointed as the new PD for smoothfm.

Source: Radio Today


Barry Gibb will host his own show on Smooth FM at 4pm Sundays from tomorrow (October 9) until the end of November, coinciding with the release of his latest solo album, In the Now.


According to Radio Today, Michael Buble will return to Smooth FM to present his own show at 4pm Saturdays, starting this week for the next four weeks. He has been part of the station’s marketing campaign since launching four years ago.


Yesterday afternoon I was surprised to hear smooth in Sydney Play Kim Wilde’s “You Keep Me Hanging On”. With lyrics such as “Get out - get out of my life - and let me sleep at night”. It’s not really a song that helps me to relax. I suppose they need to play music like this to counteract WSFM. Clever move but it did not really fit in with the smooth promise.

I was also having a good laugh whilst listening to smooth. Has anyone heard Barry Gibb on the station? I think smooth might want to donate the prize money from the next Smooth Stars competition so Barry can buy some false teeth that fit. Barry has a speech impediment that proves that Nova Entertainment is certainly an equal opportunity employer.


And in between Classic Rock and Smooth, I think it was known as “Sydney’s 95.3 FM” (and “Melbourne’s 91.5 FM”). They didn’t last very long, they only ever really appeared to be “placeholder” names whilst they were preparing for Smooth’s launch (so that things could go … errr smoothly.). These were the logos.

And in the case of Sydney and Melbourne, you can hear Smooth on both FM and DAB+.


Is it just me or is Smooth playing a lot more older 60s songs lately? I’ve heard them play 2 or 3 in a row of quite old songs. Nothing against it but I do wonder if they’re going a little too ‘old’ for a mainstream station. I wish I could think of a couple of examples but a few of the songs I’d put in the really old daggy category. Made me think I was listening to 4BH in the late 80s. I think the odd 60s classic is a good addition but playing them back to back - hmmm. I’m also not hearing as much contemporary easy artists like Adele lately either. I’m finding I’m spending more time on Easy Radio than Smooth of late.