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A bit of both!


Depending on what part of Lake Macquarie they were in, there’s a chance it could have been FM or DAB reception.


Was at Valentine, I can get Smooth 95.3 in the car, but inside you wouldn’t be able to get FM & definitely not DAB+ from there. Besides I could see the speaker leads going to the computer on the reception desk.


The speaker cables are a deadset giveaway then!

Yes I agree Valentine is not the best spot for Sydney reception.


It seems smoothfm are back to using Michael Buble in their television advertisements. Sam Smith didn’t last long…


A little while ago on the Smooth FM app, the song playing doesn’t match the image hijacked from the internet.



West Coast Radio often suffer the same problem. They use a third party online resource , the name escapes me at this time of night, Smooth may use the same service or a similar one.


Listen to smooth fm DAB in Perth at work… bit repetitive but good for customers. Just realised today though they’re not playing any Christmas songs like they usually would - someone forget to press the right button ?


… and suddenly they’re playing Christmas songs …


Few technical issues on SmoothFM (Sydney) at the moment. There was about 20 seconds of silence in the middle of a song; followed by Lost by Michael Buble; then 5 seconds of Careless Whisper by George Michael until more silence, a repeat of Lost and then Careless Whisper once again.


Nova also having technically issues too going on and off air about half an hour ago. Thunderstorms??


Not confirmed, & I left work not long after that time, but I think the Gore Hill tower got hit by a lightning strike, we briefly, lost a couple of the ABC TV translators we look after as well.

SBS TV alway transmits from Artarmon, if you’re wondering why no issue with SBS.

WSFM, KIIS, 2DAY & Triple M were/are all at Gore Hill too, did anyone notice any issues with those stations too?