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Funny they call it “Smooth FM Brisbane” when Smooth isn’t available on FM there.
Maybe just “Smooth Brisbane”’ would be better?


Yeah it’s a bit weird but all the sweepers on Smooth Brisbane say Smooth ‘FM’. I thought it was odd at first but I don’t think it matters now.


Smooth scheduling error of Village cinema commercial:


The Beach Boys will host three special shows on Smooth at 4pm-5pm Sundays from June 17 to July 1.


The Smooth Stars $117,000 jackpot went off this morning with a listener correctly identifying Prince as the second voice. On Facebook a commenter is alleging that Smooth manipulated the recording of Prince to make his voice sound deeper than it actually was, and another is pointing out that most people would have assumed that all four voices in the I Love Smooth FM phrase were of stars who are still alive. Using an alleged manipulated recording of a deceased person could be the reason there was a big jackpot?



Shore? Desist? :flushed:


I thort th saame think.

What is going on with spelling and grammar in this country?

Even newspapers are getting it wrong these days.

I think the internet, with its use of emojis and abbreviated text forms etc has a bit to answer for.


@littlegezzybear why obscure their names? If they’ve posted on a publicly available page, there’s nothing wrong with it. If in the public interest, no concern what page it’s on.


And that, everyone, is why we don’t assume anything.

Can confirm that the station, nor the jocks doing the competition, never gave that impression. I would know - family members thought they knew it (they didn’t) and kept trying to call through (they didn’t get on air). Thank goodness that’s over then.


Have they ever used a deceased celebrity before? If they have, I don’t remember it.


Livinia Nixon is filling in for Jennifer Hansen on Breakfast with Mike Perso this week.


Georgie Gardner has been filling in for Melissa Doyle over the last couple of weeks.


Why isn’t Smooth’s playlist logged on Online Radio Box and is there any other location to view the playlist?


They used to be logged, but they somehow stopped doing it. Other Nova Ent stations, inc Nova & Star 104.5, still have their playlists logged there.

RadioApp is currently the best place to check what songs Smooth played over the past couple of hours, but it’s only viewable on mobile devices & from next Wednesday, you need to be registered with them to use the app.


From early last week…

Well, as from last Wednesday night, Smooth’s playlist is being logged on Online Radio Box again. :slight_smile:



Not surprising since he’s all over the new Nova TVCs


The surprise in those figures is that there is a difference between the plays in Sydney and Melbourne.


Looks like Smooth are trying to blame Smith for the lack of success from their campaign - but the campaign stank - it got there message across no where near as well as Buble’s campaigns.

Only minor figures, so clearly both stations are running the same log. The variation would be due to:
A) Breakfast. Is the log identical?
B) Length of breaks and number ads. Nova Melbourne play 1 song less in some of their dual programming hours - usually due to more ads being played and longer talk breaks. I’m guessing the same happens at Smooth.


A couple of shots with Cameron Daddo in the Smooth 95.3 studios, as shown on Channel Seven’s “Sydney Weekender” program this afternoon: