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At Least 1 or 2 Songs from the 60’s and 70’s gets Played each hour, No Rock “n” Roll nor Instrumentals.


Major technical difficulties on Smooth 95.3. A Mariah Carey song was cut off half way by ads; Then following the ad break, the same song started again from the beginning. Roughly 2mins into the song, a voiceover cut into the song and announced some “technical difficulties were troubling smooth”, followed by 5 seconds of silence and a completely different song…?


Sounds like another bungle with automation and networking, good ol Lachie loves it on the cheap.


The voice tracks for Smooth Brisbane were out of sequence the other day as well. Annoucing the song that had just played as ‘comingup next’


I notice that happens a lot in Perth.


Smooth needs to add some songs they have forgotten about - You don’t have to be a star baby to be in my show by Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr from 1976 and How Much I Feel by Ambrosia from 1978, I heard both songs on Australian Radio before.


According to Radioinfo, Olivia Newton-John will return to Smooth this Sunday (May 6) from 4pm to 5pm, when she will program a selection of hits and talk about what she’s looking forward to in 2018, ahead of the premiere of Channel Seven mini-series about the singer on May 13.


Tuned in this afternoon and noticed that the Melbourne TOTH news bulletin was being read by Ron Wilson in Sydney. Is it common practice for smooth not just to have Melbourne links (outside breakfast) being done from Sydney but news bulletins as well?


I’ve noticed it when I was down in Melbourne whilst en-route to Tasmania back in March last year.


News is always from Sydney outside weekday breakfast, always has been.


Ah okay - haven’t listened to the station near the TOTH before so that’s why it stood out to me


So what hours is Jen Hansen on air for??


6am - 9am?


I think I’ve heard her later into the morning OTH too, can’t remember. I don’t usually listen during the day.


So it seems Smooth FM (Digital) Brisbane now has a local breakfast show. When did that happen? :slight_smile:
It sounds pre recorded but at least “local” with local weather etc. Glad to hear it.


Great, who is voice tracking it?


I didn’t catch who it was this morning but I’ll tune in again tomorrow and see who it is.


I listened again this morning and he never seems to say his name lol. He calls it the “Smooth FM Brisbane More Music Breakfast Show”. He mentions the weather forecast a lot and this morning cross promoted Olivia Newton John’s show before playing Xanadu. Nice relaxed feel even if it is just voice tracked.


I heard it too. Sounds like Ty Frost


Yes @NRN11 it’d likely be Ty Frost.