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So you want to censor people now?



Perhaps Media Spy members wouldn’t constantly bag Sky News if they produced better quality programs.

From what I regularly hear about Paul Murray Live and other such programs in Sky News’ post-6pm lineup here and elsewhere online, they’re not good TV in my personal opinion.

I neither like nor watch Sky News, but personally would be against the idea of shutting down criticism from those who do watch the channel.


No, but if people hate it so much, why watch it? :joy::joy: Do people really just watch it purely to bag it? If so, I beg you to take up another hobby!

Maybe you all don’t hate it, maybe you just feel you’re being trendy by bashing it. It’s becoming very very tiresome clicking onto this thread to see the same thing over and over again. If it were a bunch of right wingers on the ABC thread, they would have been banned. Purely double standards.


Wait a minute…

In one sentence you’ve admitted to not watching Sky News and in another sentence you’re saying they need to produce better quality programs. How would you know if you don’t watch it?


As for your comment about criticism, it’s becoming relentless. Truely sick of seeing the same people over and over again repeat the same tiresome stuff. Get a life!!


A fallacy in more ways than one.


Perhaps we need two threads - one to actually have discussion/news about Sky News and presenter changes, changes to the formats, graphics etc… what many people keep clicking into this topic for.

Then have the other thread for the people who just constantly want to rant and rave every night about the hatred they feel and keep inflicting upon themselves. I’m all for discussion and I know some people are passionate about their respective channels but this thread is simply ridiculous at times when people want to actually see if there is a mature discussion only to see the same few people posting the exact same arguments nearly every single night.


I usually don’t watch Murray, but as I am currently in hospital and trying to not get bored, one of the channels I briefly watched on my phone was Sky News on Foxtel Now. Channel surfing past Murray gives you no reason to stay on that channel.


I usually watch Sky News UK. More balanced than our Aussie counterparts.


Tuesday 12 February

1 PAUL MURRAY LIVE Sky News Live 64,000
2 THE BOLT REPORT Sky News Live 57,000
3 CREDLIN Sky News Live 51,000
5 JONES & CO Sky News Live 48,000
6 PML LATER Sky News Live 45,000


Even though it’s usually the highest rating non-sport on subscription, the numbers are spectacular


What Sky is doing is fairly indicative of the current news channel business model.

News channels worldwide do fairly straight news coverage with lots of live events during the day and then switch to opinionated talk at night; “adding value” and “context” to the day’s news.

You may not agree with Sky’s execution of the concept but the strategy is sound.

ABC and BBC would do exactly the same if they weren’t hampered by tax payer funding and charters.

The figures, while on face value are quite low, are in fact in line with global norms. News channels tend to pick up somewhere between 0.5 and 2% of the audience. Sky does. On Foxtel the channel pulls about 2% day in, day out… and remember there’s less than 30% market penetration by Foxtel. That means in terms of total potential audience a figure of approx 0.7% is actually very good.

Total population: 25m - Potential available audience: 8m - 1% of 8m: 80,000 - 0.5%: 40,000

For better or worse Sky is pretty much average.
And that doesn’t take into account WIN which is averaging about 0.7%, so you could another 40,000 to 50,000 on top of the figures above, at a rough guess.


Now that Chris Kenny is doing an afternoon show it has become harder to avoid that After Dark insanity.


Well occasionally things that creep and crawl through the night will surface during the day…


We might have just found something on UK Sky News that we don’t want to have replicated by the Australian version


Gives a whole new meaning to Sky News ‘After Dark’


That’s Sky news Uk which I enjoy after 3pm


and now we can see why.



Sounds awfully sincere. Shame really, the idea of seeing Turnbull sue one of these rwnjs is rather appealing.