Sky News


Very surprised at Sky News calling out the Deputy PM for lying about MedEvac. Well done!


Oh dear…

Should we expect an announcement from Sky News about the future of The Bolt Report soon? It’s also been noted that there weren’t any short snippets of footage posted online after the show like there usually is - not exactly a sign that tonight’s program was one they were proud to put to air!


There is not one mention of the case on Sky’s Facebook. Very interesting. They seem to be distancing themselves.


On Facebook perhaps, that could be a move designed to stop defamatory comments.

Sky News on air certainly hasn’t been distancing itself with excellent reporting from Ahron Young and others


Andrew Bolt mentioned he may be stepping back his duties last year.


He says that every year… it’s just a negotiating tactic to get more money


Ad on The Australian website. Is this morning video new?


It’s a morning email newsletter


Ok, thanks.


Sky have issued a comment regarding the lack of advertising during Bolt’s show on Tuesday


They should’ve just aired all the Clive Palmer Ads during Bolt!


New graphics launched on Sky News. Started rolling out during their Sky after dark shows.


No wonder why no one noticed.


And it’s still awful. Same ticker, same dirty grey gradient, and they’re still persisting with the strange ‘box’ arrangement.


Not a fan of the new graphics at all


Any caps?


Just a few quick caps


Oh dear god.


Terrible graphics. Worse than the last National Nine News package


Sky News circa 2006 had a better look than this! :confused: