Sky News


They could at least remove their own watermark. Both stations are called Sky News.



A lot of Foxtel smackdowns in those comments.


You know they did do that for a while, but then they put the same Sky News UK logo they use on channel 605 on, before returning to use the Sky News Live logo.


As expected Kenny on Media is a right wing rant fest … bashing the guardian, the abc etc etc. usual ranting against anything to do with climate change.

Of course cue the usual support for KAK on both Bolt and Kenny.


Peter Stefanovic is a guest on The Front Page tonight with Peter Gleeson,he will be discussing his career and what’s next for him.




It wouldn’t surprise me.



Sky News should hire Karl

“Wake up With Karl”

New breakfast show


Well anything should be better than First Edition.


If Sky News was to actually hire Karl Stefanovic for a breakfast program, you’d think they’d want him presenting a reformatted “Headline News” alongside Jaynie Seal for FTA exposure in regional markets via WIN?


You’d think they’d merge the 2 shows, overcome the rights issues and then roll it out across Foxtel and WIN.

Then there’s the cost of Karl… one would think his expectations would be tempered just a little and of course News Corp has deep pockets.

Finally even if Njne don’t want him on air I reckon they’d warehouse him.

But you never know



Tim Gilbert has joined Sky News his first project is hosting a horse racing show called Racing Dreams with Peter Gleeson,it premieres this Saturday morning.IMG_20190207_134447


While I suppose it’s good that Tim Gilbert has something to pay for his food now he’s no longer at Nine, don’t you think it’s interesting that Sky News is doing a horse racing-related program?

One wonders what the unconnected but similarly titled Sky Racing network of channels thinks about that!


These sorts of programs are obviously sponsor driven content.
CNN has a stack of them; sailing, horse racing, country profiles etc.
I find them unpalatable but they are profitable.


Paul Murray invoking Saint Tony Abbott as usual. I think Murray must be due for his next rabies shot.


The whole panel is right wing tonight. All working themselves into a lather. It’s woefully bad television. They’re yelling at the tv. They said we are going to be swamped by illegals immigrants. They haven’t even read the law. This law only applies to existing people on manus and naru and no new asylum seekers. Woeful people on this show.


I seriously do not get certain members on this forum consistently bagging out Sky News. We all know your opinions on it. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. So simple.