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A perfect representation.

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Documentary tonight as seen on Today.

is it normal for Nine to promote Sky News docos?

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Wonder if Sky paid for it? Or was part of a deal to get Frydenberg on.

The doco is available to stream from tonight. So it isn’t a program that viewers tune into so not direct competition for Nine. Seems like just some streaming content that they can talk about much like any other streaming product seen on the show.

Josh Frydenberg is the former Treasurer of Australia. He presents ‘Never Again: The Fight Against Antisemitism’ tonight at 7pm on Sky News Australia. You can stream the documentary or watch any time on-demand with the Streaming Subscription.

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He would be on the program like anyone else appearing promoting their product such as an actor talking about their next movie.

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Sky does have a content partnership with Nine. 9 reporters sometimes appear on Sky when their own journos can’t. They also supply footage I believe.

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Correct but that isn’t why he was on the show this morning.

Yes. Nine does supply footage to Sky such as some of their 6pm packages.

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Nine News Darwin reporter Georgie Dickerson is joining Sky News in Melbourne.


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has denied being aware of a controversial incident where Chinese officials blocked Australian journalist Cheng Lei from witnessing a media conference with Premier Li Qiang.

China’s Premier Li Qiang joined Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in Canberra on Monday for the leaders meeting before a launch in the Great Hall of Parliament House.

Footage emerged of the tense altercation which appeared to show a Chinese embassy official impeding Ms Lei’s view as she was sitting in an area assigned for media representatives during a document signing ceremony.

Extraordinary vision of the incident at the document signing appears to show two Chinese officials involved, with one stepping into the path of a camera which had been pointed in Lei’s direction.