Sky News

The answer is both.

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With what’s been happening since the start of the new decade, I’m inclined the say more the latter. It’s glaringly obvious that they only care about their own little wonderlands rather than the greater good.

I’m not saying the left are completely right either but it’s glaringly more obvious with the Murdoch media and the right who loves to dish it out but doesn’t like taking it back. Fox, Sky AU, Newsmax, OANN, they’re all the same.

Just see Alex Jones for example. Said those utterly foolish things about Sandy Hook and is now crying up a river because the defamation case against him succeeded.

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When did Sky become the ridicule it is today?

I remember when I didn’t have Foxtel many years back, but would travel, and see Sky News on the hour updates in hotels/airports - even in a local Maccas store etc and it was topical viewing.

It’s a real shame that model went by the wayside.


Must be more profit/clickbait in being a c…


Personality and controversial opinion now forms the core of their business. Any News Corp business come to think of it.


Yea - commercial media have realised there’s not much money left in commodity news (day to day announcements) because they are so widely covered over so many mediums. So you sell what you can’t replicate elsewhere…opinions, columns (in case of publishing) and any exclusives that can whip up rage.


Saw an interview on Sky News with Paul Murray interviewing Dai Le and I was surprised at how happy he was speaking to her, but then I realised who she unseated at the election (cough Labor cough) and thought “How did I miss the obvious?”

I mean, would he go out of his way to interview the likes of Dr. Monique Ryan or Zoe Daniel who unseated his beloved Liberals in Josh Frydenburg and Tim Wilson? Probably not. And he probably wouldn’t have interviewed Dai Le if she was from Labor or beat a Liberal/Nationals candidate.


I can just imagine him fawning over Dai Le!

It’s impossible to underestimate Paul Murray. His faux outrage that the nation is being destroyed is so predictable. Presenters such Alan Jones or Andrew Bolt seem to have conviction in their opinions, whereas Murray appears to be chasing a pay cheque that rewards him for the amount of froth his mouth can produce. We have heard of fake news, this guy is fake opinion.

Paul is so far behind that he thinks he’s first.


i know someone who worked with him at MMM and they firmly believe that @pmonair is a character he plays and its not really him.


I’ve heard that too. If it’s true that’s even worse. It’s one thing to be so misguided/deluded to believe that stuff he’s spewing out, but it’s even worse to know that it’s total BS (or even partial BS) and keep saying it because $$. If it’s the latter he must know the damage it’s causing to the fabric of the country…

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He certainly wasn’t like that when he was a Weekend Sunrise regular many years ago.

not an entirely unique phenomenon. People have said similar about serial boofheads like Kyle Sandilands and the late Stan Zemanek that the on-air persona didn’t match the behind the scenes person. Wouldn’t surprise me if PM was just doing his act for clicks but the problem is that it sucks people in.

Sky News or Foxtel need a bulletin of record. Even if it’s just half an hour at 8pm or 9pm. A wrap of the day. A summary of events. The state of play in the nation.


Why? It would rate cactus.

Afternoon Live provides a pretty detailed Federal analysis.

As a news channel they spend about half a day doing news, as soon as Kenny comes on, straight news (without opinion) goes missing.
Their most watched hours are a news free zone.
A single flagship bulletin might help breaking up the talking heads of an evening.

Yeh. Something like Sky News Australia at 8pm. Half an hour with real reports and a flagship presenter.

Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble in here but it’s simply not going to happen.


Not sure how a passing thought in a discussion qualifies as a fantasy bubble, but thanks for the feedback.


Like Fox, the model is now: opinion in primetime that brings in the eyeballs, news during the day when fewer people are watching. Opinion brings in the big dollars, and subsidises the news division, which gives the channel a patina of credibility.


There should be another Sky news channel with 24/7 rolling news, that way those who want news anytime of the day can be served.