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The content of Piers is just so jarring. His top story is about boxing.

15 mins in. He’s still interviewing Tyson Fury. How many Sky viewers would even know who he is.

Former ABC Radio host Jon Faine revealed in a column in Sunday Age today that he last week received a request to participate in a Sky News documentary on the ABC’s 90th anniversary, to be hosted by Chris Kenny. Faine turned down the invitation.


An excellent summary of sky from John Faine. A very well written piece.


If Kenny’s Kevin Rudd/Malcolm Turnbull doco last year is any indication, then I suspect Mr Faine made the right choice in choosing not to take part.

The U.S. Report premieres on Sky News on Friday, July 1 at 8.30pm AEST and will air every Friday.

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Aka Trump is love Trump is life.


I think the 8.30pm timeslot has been chosen because it will presumably air after Planet America on ABC News channel (which is returning soon).

Looks like the Blame Game is out.

Great article. Can’t wait for a good laugh from Sky News’ special.

The likely content of this documentary:

“Privatise the ABC. We shouldn’t have to fund it!”
“The ABC is full of lefties! How about some right wing voices?”
“The ABC has been infiltrated by all of this woke ideology targeting latte sipping hipsters rather than REAL Australians!”

I also expect it to feature a politically balanced lineup of contributors, such as Paul Murray, Rowan Dean, Rita Panahi and Peta Credlin.


Nine’s Chris Uhlmann was just on Paul Murray Live talking about his article in Nine newspapers on Energy policy