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Uhhh…no. TF1 (one of the biggest TV channels in France) has been accused of holding a right-wing populist coverage during news coverage

That’s not true.

I understand BFM TV and C NEWS to be to the right

France is extremely political

I actually think the opposite, some news shows are worth watching. I do admit you are right about the presentation, its very bland. Suppose anything Sky presentation wise is better then Sky News Australia.

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Why do you think Sky News UK underperforms Sky News AU then?

I might be the odd one out here, but I really like Sky News UK. I think they covered the Russian invasion of Ukraine really. I also really like their presentation and their ability to cover stories overseas really well.


They do a great job. As does the BBC. But I prefer to watch Sky News (UK) over BBC News though.


Would be good if whoever replaces him does something about the presentation and feel of the channel. At the moment it’s so DULL.


And we’ve got a successor: former newsgathering editor Jonathan Levy. Additionally, Sky News’ own operations are reorganising, with its operations and those of sister Italian network Sky TG24 being merged into a new Sky News Group division within Sky Studios. Former CBS News President David Rhodes, who joined Sky in 2021 to lead its International Business Development plans, will serve as Executive Chairman of the new division.

IMHO, a great hiring that of Rhodes. He led CBS News into its best performance in recent years. He was the person who championed the launch of CBS This Morning and the CBSN Streaming Network, and the same person who placed Scott Pelley in front of the CBS Evening News and made it a strong, fast-growing contender for its competitors; however, the controversy over the sexual harassment allegations which hampered CBS in general during these years caused things to go over the place, with Jeff Glor and John Dickerson failing to successfully replace its predecessors; although he survived all the sexual harassment allegations, the fall-out from these scandals, the botched changes he made in consequence and CBS cleaning house after ousting Les Moonves led to his resignation.

At the same time (but not related), veteran anchor Dermot Murnaghan announced yesterday he is leaving Sky News. He also presented his final Sky News Tonight last night, but he will stay on the channel until the start of Easter.


Schedule reorg coming from next Monday:

  • Dayside schedule to be rejigged: Sky News Today extended from 10am to 5pm weekdays.
  • Ian King Live renamed Business Live, divided into two half-hour slots integrated into the Sky News Today block (a midday session and a closing bell session)
  • Wilfred Frost joins Sky News and will host the early portion of the dayside block (10-11:30am), Jayne Secker remains at lunchtime, Sarah Jane-Mee’s slot to be subsumed into the extended block
  • Kamali Melbourne promoted to Sky News Tonight from the Early Rundown
  • Kay Burley/Sky News Breakfast, The News Hour with Mark Austin, Sky News at Ten (Anna Botting) and the overnight rotating shifts remain unchanged
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Just for clarity: Wilfred Frost isn’t ‘joining’ Sky News. He’s been there for about an year already, filling in here and there for other presenters. (Incidentally he is David Frost’s son)

I quite like this new schedule. If they’re going to stick with just a single presenter at a time then I think it’s better to have shorter slots for each one. Moving the business programme to two back half hours is smart, too. Means it doesn’t eat into rolling news so much.


More changes coming to Sky News from September: Sophy Ridge leaves the Sunday morning political show and gets a new 7pm slot on weekdays. This is the first time Sky has a daily political show since All Out Politics was dropped after Adam Boulton left to join News UK.

As part of the move, according to Guido Fawkes’ media vertical, Trevor Phillips takes over the Sunday show permanently from next season, after his successful stint during Sophy’s maternity leave early last year. Sophy’s final Sunday show will air this week.

Trevor was a risky move at the time he was announced as Sophy’s temporary replacement, given he had been suspended at the time by the Labour Party over allegations of Islamophobia (based on his diverse views on British Muslims, the suspension was by then lifted). However, his strong pedigree on politics and his experience on TV current affairs (he worked for LWT for many years) clearly was strongly reflected on his successful stint and rave reviews on the press and by many viewers. So, no surprise the move was capitalized on such.

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The move is now official:


With Sophy Ridge moving to evenings, and the high profile hiring of Yalda, the Sky News schedule is having another reorg: alongside Sophy’s new show, Politics Hub, which started last week and airs at 7pm, Kamali Melbourne and Sarah-Jane Mee will switch time slots. Kamali will take Sarah-Jane’s existing afternoon time slot, and the latter gets a new hour-long show strictly focused on UK news, The UK Tonight, which will air at 8pm; that show starts in October.

Then, Yalda will front an hour of international news from 9pm from November, before taking over to Sky News at Ten and Press Preview. These will air from Monday through Thursday, with Niall Patterson presenting on Fridays during the same evening block. The rest of the schedule remains as it is. In summary:

  • 5am - The Early Rundown
  • 7am - Kay Burley/Sky News Breakfast
  • 10am - Sky News Today w/ Wilfred Frost
  • 11:30am - Business Live with Ian King
  • 12pm - Sky News Today w/ Jayne Secker
  • 2pm - Sky News Today w/ Kamali Melbourne
  • 4:30pm - Business Live with Ian King
  • 5pm - The News Hour with Mark Austin
  • 7pm - Politics Hub with Sophy Ridge
  • 8pm - The UK Tonight with Sarah-Jane Mee
  • 9pm - Yalda Hakim
  • Friday 7-10pm - Niall Patterson
  • 10pm - Sky News at Ten
  • 10:30pm - Press Preview

The UK Tonight launches October 2nd.

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More changes for Sky News programming, as it prepares for the launch of the new The UK Tonight slot:

Leah Boleto (long one of the rotating newsreaders of the overnight slots, as well as relief presenter) has been formally promoted to main presenter of The Early Rundown.

Jonathan Samuels will now anchor the weekend editions of The News Hour (Friday-Sunday).

It looks like Sky is returning to an American-style appointment-to-view schedule with the ongoing changes. The increased influence of Comcast (and David Rhodes) is clearly showing. Not sure if the schedule will be a winner tough… remember the 2005 rebrand? That rebrand had really affected all aspects of the channel, down to the schedule, including making the entire schedule strand-based (similar to American cable news). It did not work, and BBC News 24 took advantage of that. Even then-head Nick Pollard (who had overseen the network since 1995) had to resign, and John Ryley was quick to act, with the schedule returning to a more traditional rolling news format.


Happily for Sky UK, the BBC has taken itself out of the equation.

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