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This can only end well

Pretty sure Ofcom requires news channels to be impartial so don’t think we’re going to be seeing a UK version of Sky ‘After Dark’ anytime soon

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The Sky News UK Channel on Foxtel has downgraded in quality to SD (the Sky News AU cover up has also been removed).

It may be an issue at Foxtel’s end as it still shows up as Sky News UK HD on my iQ4 and the guide.

I’ve seen some UK targeted ads slip though as well so Foxtel may be taking an alternative feed?

I saw the feed drop out on Thursday night (and it was still HD then)

Make Debates Happen petition has reached 110,329 signatures.

I get that the ‘Make Debates Happen’ is a ‘passion project’ (for lack of a better term) for Sky News UK and the reasons they’re arguing for are very valid. However, I wish they wouldn’t endlessly promote it like they’ve have been doing

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How I wish Sky News Australia Live or whatever they’re calling themselves this week would finally update their graphics package with the UK channel


Why? The Australian package is certainly in need for a refresh but not alongs the lines of the UK package which is very ordinary.

As ordinary as it is, it’s effective and would certainly be an upgrade over the shithouse that Sky AU has (although to be fair, anything is an upgrade, even Seven News’ graphics).

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I find Sky News UK far superior to Sky News Australia

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Definetly have to agree with you there! :slight_smile:

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Sky News reporters have just been told 32 cameras and microphones are being installed all around their newsrooms. Sky News is going to livestream everything that happens in the newsroom online and on a dedicated channel from 5:30am to 10:30pm, calling it “Sky News Raw”.

Absolutely fucked. At least it seems to be only for a day.


Like the idea - don’t like the reported execution of it

The concept may sound entertaining but anyone who’s worked in a newsroom would hate the idea.

Too many “controversial” things are said and perhaps even done to make most journos feel comfortable.


Watch it here

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Very interesting behind the scenes tour of a news station. Wonder if ABC News will throw their doors open next July when the celebrate their 10th anniversary

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