Sky News UK

Sky News 1989 with Scott Chisholm

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Sky News UK having fun with Trump’s visit this week.


So good!

Sky UK wouldn’t have covered Obama like that.

Obama was not like Trump.

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Sky Uk is better than our inferior version.

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That’s obvious. Our Sky News is now Fox News with the wrong label.


What’s that got to do with sky News?

Sky News used to be like Sky News UK. A 24 hour news service.

Sky News is now like Fox News. Focussing more on opinion rather than news.

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Oh okay. Got you now :slight_smile:
Yeah I tend to agree, Sky News Australia definitely has Fox News written over it, but I think Sky News UK is probably out of the two. Much more straight to the point. I do watch it every now and then :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Sky UK during the evening focusing on what’s happening around the world rather than talk

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Sky News UK lifting the YouTube geoblock for the Conservative Leadership result or have they allowed Australia to stream it now?

my bet is the former

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Still no geoblock.

I wonder if this will be available via Foxtel?

I don’t think it’s going to be on Foxtel.

It’d be more interesting if Sky News Australia flash-cut to SNBF live at 3am for the remainder of the overnight.

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