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With Jodie Whittaker now starring in Doctor Who, she has been replaced in the other BBC drama Trust Me by Alfred Enoch (How to Get Away with Murder).

For those who are waiting to see Bodyguard, it will be streamed on Netflix from October 24.

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Well, Sky News Australia’s relationship with Sky News UK will get complicated from now on.

Full rebrand for BBC Two to be unveiled later this week.

Not for the next few years, there’d be supply and brand agreements in place.

Once those contracts expire any number of things could happen including Sky News in Australia rebranding,

The other possibility is that Sky here could decide to changes things earlier, but with contracts in place you’d have to assume they still need to keep paying franchise fees to London.


Looks like Nine and the ABC will fight it out for the Australian broadcast rights to the documentary, presented by Sir David Attenborough.

Looks like BBC Two has unveiled a new set of idents (remember those?)




It’s not just BBC2 that’s relaunching, Channel 4 have also refreshed their channels and changed their logos to align with the parent blocky ‘4’ logo.

Both BBC2 and Channel 4 (channels) relaunching on the same day.

E4’s take on the old Fourscore ident from 1982


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4’s logo really is timeless. TV3 NZ should have learned from them, not the ugly three thing.

This one is the reference: :wink:

21st Century Fox has agreed to sell its 39% stake in Sky to Comcast, ending Rupert Murdoch’s involvement with the broadcaster.

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And so it’s goodbye to the ‘2’ with this send off:

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I’m a big fan of the new Channel 4 rebrand - especially this clip you linked to on TV Forum :joy:

Deservedly so. It had me on the edge of my seat multiple times.

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