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I was deadly serious when I said I admired his fashionable knits and fashion sense. Not many men can pull off wool jumpers and shorts at the height of summer.


You guys should wait and see my 2019 jumper calendar collab with the Country Women’s Association. Phwoah it’s a bit hot under the wollen collar.



Seriously though, this has been about 4 months in the making and we’ve been thwarted by the dates of the posts being reset :cry:

We’re not going anywhere if you haven’t caught on


Yeah I’m gutted all the dates reset to today’s date. There was lots of planning for this thread!


With so much fodder to mine for laughs you would’ve thought we could come up with more gold. Goes to show the users of this site are a lot funnier and more outlandish than any of us could ever hope to be. You couldn’t possibly make up some of the stuff that gets posted to this site. I’m constantly amazed by what pre-occupies some people’s thoughts.


:laughing: I only clicked to the joke, once I saw how many posts were made in such a short amount of time. It started looking suss that so many people posted first thing on a Sunday morning, especially being Easter too.


Yeah we know, but at least you guys tried.


…damn you all.


I blame @bort


Brb sending a PM ALL IN CAPS




This beats the annual TV Tonight April Fools, hands down.


But then it wouldn’t be an April Fools joke…

Imagine the uproar if we ran with this on a random day.


But it would have been even more hilarious If it did look like the discussion had been going on for days and was only now “accidently” released to a wider audience, as I assume was intended. :smile:


That was the plan. We started the thread in early Feb. Deleted post dates appear to be unaffected…

Damn you Discourse!


I just could not believe the filth @OnAir came out with for that redacted post.


I could. He lost his morals years ago…


Well now we have those photos, we have him right where we want him


If the thread started a few days earlier and it was revealed as being a joke on the 1st April, it would have been more of a surprise.


That’s not really how April Fools Day works but thanks for the feedback :sunglasses: