Site Future


Hi All - just a quick heads up (and somewhere to discuss the outcomes of this) - a few things have happened over the last few weeks that necessitate the need to consider the future of the site.

I’ll elaborate a little bit more over the next few days - but I wanted to get something out there to flag it so it doesnt come as a complete shock.


Shit, I hope everything is okay mate.


yeah, all good thanks - just rapidly changing prorities outside of here


I hope that Seven cease and desist order on you know who hasn’t complicated things…


Oh no :confused: Fingers crossed that all goes well.

Are we in trouble with Oztam again?


Haven’t read the latest few emails but from what I saw it was very much a case of “our way or the highway”

We’ll definitely see a decrease in activity minus the ratings forum.


Would it really be such a great loss to the site to shut down the ratings section entirely if it is causing us problems? The daily results and discussion have become quite predictable and at the rate the free to air audience is dwindling, there won’t be much left to discuss soon. I think our members will understand.

The site can survive off updates on who is reading the early news and speculation on the next presentation relaunch.


True. We can always start another “insider” account to go along with readitfirst to drip feed rumours from one of the other networks to keep things ticking along.


Someone needs to get in touch with Firetorch and beg him to start contributing again in order to generate some traffic to the “Spy Lounge”and “Spectrum”. Those sections have been far too quiet since FT took that job ghost writing opinion pieces for News Corp publications. The usual suspects will take the bait and I do enjoy watching Matlock develop his debating skills.


We should offer Matlock and Firetorch staff roles (not telling the other of course) to bring some much needed excitement to the ModHut.

Will also help in a transition if we all need to jump ship.


I’ll be late for the Skype chat tonight guys. I’ll text someone when I have a rough idea of when I can join.

If it’s not too much trouble, could I add MediaSpy Awards to the agenda? If we’re about to shut up shop it would be nice to go out on a high.


Would be nice to have one last awards. I have Luke up for about five if we use the old format.


I still can’t believe nobody has called “lukemovieman” as a troll account yet, despite the increasingly ridiculous posts you come up with @OnAir :joy::joy:

I almost think it would be cruel to spill the beans at this point - “Luke” has become ingrained in the board.


Some days I think the research I do on classification details from a country I don’t live in is over the top, but I do get a laugh out of it.


I enjoy a joke as much as the next guy, but having “Luke” say that S10 is the best of the Simpsons was just too far, brah


It’s a slow day at work so I needed some entertainment. I mean, it’s probably in my own top 10 (10th).


Surprised you didn’t draw the line at complaining to the ACMA. Showing true dedication to the character there :slight_smile:


Don’t forget about tonights Skype catchup - I know you’re all desperate to watch AFLX, but more important things need to be discussed!


I’m a New Zealander and I like normal sports.


I didn’t realise they did sheep dog trials at night, under lights in New Zealand.