Site Future


To prevent dates resetting in the future, simply make a new section of the site (visible only to mods), craft your “masterpiece”, then on April 1, set permissions to members.

Also I welcome back “Firetorch” to the forums.


Fresh thinking like this is why we need a Matlock dictatorship


Seems like a lot of extra work for “volunteers” :drum:


The greatest trick I’ve ever played is convincing you all that you haven’t been all along.


And the greatest secret kept from you is the revolution plotting your downfall.


April Fools day is over. Can someone change my username back now please?


Doesn’t it still apply? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pretty sure it’s still April Fools in WA, Buzz.


We’re not THAT Far behind!


Isn’t it April Fools every day in the ACT?


Oh no, I think it might be in Ayr, Near Townsville!


Good Lord what a roller coaster ride reading this thread :joy: Wish I had bothered to check over the long weekend.

You crazy assed moderators, I would die without at least reading something from Media Spy everyday.

I mean all hail our mod overlords :smirk:


So I only just found this thread and it’s really made me sad. Is there a date set for the shutdown or has there been a reprieve?


You found the thread…but did you read it?


Enough to make people question my comprehension skills.


Hint… This thread started on 1st April :grinning:


Wasn’t it about Feb 7th according to one of the screenshots earlier?


The Ministry of Propaganda spent months building this deception.


Propaganda? Deception? So, you’re saying that all of this was like an elaborate ruse or a prank even. Hmmm… I’m not sure that toying with all these teenage emotions throughout this group is a good idea. What if some of them get so angry they end up actually watching TV more and even end up watching a second channel instead of their fanboi obsession one?


This isn’t a joke, kiddo.

The admin team has aligned itself with some of the darkest forces in the world today, including the Trump Administration, News Corp, and Hello Kitty. You shouldn’t post here unless you know what sort of evil treachery you’re getting yourself involved in. If you want fun and games, play Neopets, mate.