Site Future


True but Luke’s departure accelated it


It’s obviously closing down due to the lack of image hosting. I’ll probably leave in a few hours, I want to host more images.


People are taking this seriously? I’m not. It’s April Fools Day. If this was posted tomorrow then I would be sad…lol


I think it’s a thing called going along with the joke :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


What joke? You’d think the mods would bother to pour their hearts out in this thread, and then tell us it’s all an April Fool’s joke?!

It’s this systemic lack of faith in the mod team that’s allowed this site to go downhill, IMO. Vale Media Spy, for you are already dead.


The April Fools joke would have been better if it wasn’t created on the 1st April.


I actually believed it :stuck_out_tongue: I would have kept on believing until Travis said something…!

Got me guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Possible solution to dire financial position - Media Spy Plus?

Pay a yearly subscription for access. Extra features include -

use of Emojis :face_vomiting:;
use of ALL CAPS and strong text;
use of words on otherwise banned list e.g. demos, Melbourne, Bruce, Ferguson, magic million, Simpsons, CBS etc

Get the full HD (highly desirable) experience


For the 69th post, can I just say this is the dorkiest thread the mods have ever made.




You bloody ratbags.
This is the first April Fools joke that got me and I had seen quite a few today so I should have known better.:joy:


It got me too!

But good to know it’s not going anywhere!



haha Jbar, they were pretty good at this one… :stuck_out_tongue:
Got me… we must get them back for this! :stuck_out_tongue:


Uhh guys, was this thread meant to be public??




So that’s what that auto publish option does


Now they know the truth about Luke and our deep seeded corruption with site advertising.

Oh well


Hope someone is checking to make sure certain other staff topics aren’t set to be auto published.


Yeah the one about matlock was set but I reverted the edit. Phew


Close call. That’s far too much knit for the uninitiated.