Site Future


Sorry for the delay, been mulling all of this over in my mind.

We’re absolutely going to have to draw a line in the sand, and based on our skype chat the other night, we all seemed to be in agreeance that we would rather shut the site down than hand it over and risk the name being dragged through the mud.

I’m starting to think that we should just not bother with a formal announcement and just shut ‘er down on a predetermined date. That way there’s no argument ahead of the closure, and contributions can continue as normal up until that day.


What day do you reckon? Over Easter maybe?


I’m thinking the end of April, we are paid up until then


I’m happy with that. The site has gone quiet since ‘Luke’ was pulled. Just goes to show if we’re not making active efforts to stir the pot then people go quiet.


It’s been a hell of a ride, gents.

Still, the discourse licence will be put to good use on my haberdashery hobbyist site, so cheers for that.


Lets use the money to send the site off in style. Anyone up for a boozey close down party?


There’s cheap flights to Aussie currently! I’m kinda keen!


few Peronis?


As discussed, I’ve popped a tentative deposit on the property for our shindig. Refundable until a week out ao if anything comes up we’re orettt good to reschedule.

Squee - you still right to organise the uh, entertainment mate? :wink:


@Squee Wanna go halfsies in a ticket? :sunglasses::airplane:


@WAtvVideos sure thing, super keen to really splash some cash.
Gotta make the most of it now that we’re not gonna be drawing a weekly wage from MS anymore after this week.

@Bort you bet :kissing_heart:


I still chuckle every time we trot out the old “volunteers” chestnut in response to complaints about post approval times and whatnot


FYI lads, I’ve reenabled those redirect “you’ve won an iPhone!” ads. They sure do bring in the dollars. Per previously we can run them for a week or so and claim it’s not within our control.


I think this has accidentally been placed in the wrong area :smiley:
But if I can have my two cents worth of opinion, maybe I suggest those porn-style ads where clicking on the page opens a popup? These are usually a great way to generate revenue.


Just read the forum is going to close pretty soon :pensive: I really enjoyed contributing to the forum as well as reading the latest news on the media industry and discussions (although I agree, some of recent discussions have gone well over the top). If the day does come, I am seriously considering moving to knowfirst.


Same here, I have really enjoyed Media Spy, even some of the shenanigans that have gone on here :smiley:

It’s good to know that there will be somewhere else to go to, I don’t know anything much about knowfirst, but I’ll check it out.


just checked it out. It looks promising. I’m on board too then!


I really hope this is an April Fools joke :disappointed_relieved: But in all seriousness, it’s been great Being a member, and I’m glad I discovered this site almost 2 years ago now.


As they say, all good things must come to an end. If we’re being honest, the quality of this forum has rapidly gone downhill since Luke left so it’s the right time to close the curtain on Media Spy


I think the departure of Firetorch actually started the decline.