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Ewe and me both.


Just FYI guys, I’ve got a fairly intense couple of months of work coming up so I’ve sidelined the Luke account for now. I figured I didn’t want his account to be left dormant for an indeterminate period of time given how integral he’s become to the board’s fabric.

I’ll obviously still be around in the Mod thread on this account and for our discussions re: what is going with the site. (Did you get a response from that email you were talking about on Skype the other night @bacco007 ?)

And if anyone from outside staff is suspecting me of being Luke, I am also in denial mode today:


Yeah, its resulted in some interesting discussions thats for sure


Understandable. The post frequency of the Luke account has increased so much recently and I can’t imagine how much of your time it was taking up. Looking forward to seeing what direction we take the account in when we eventually resurrect it.


Must have felt good posting in all-caps-rage to the chief. I should try that one day :joy:


My PMs are always open :slight_smile:


Figuring we are getting to the real pointy end of this now, what’s the latest @bacco007

I don’t know what I’ll do if there’s no Mitch Nock meltdowns like yesterday to keep me entertained while Luke takes a breather.

PS. Was my note yesterday in that thread sincere enough?


I’ve been assuming the Mitchell_Nock account was another On Air creation for the purpose of shits and giggles. F Me. You mean it’s not you and some masochist in WA is actually subjecting himself to nothing but Seven programming?


I would have loved to come up with this but it actually appears he’s real.


Guys - thanks for your guidance and counsel over the last few weeks while we have tried to step through the future of the site, it has been really helpful - but the time has come to make a decision.

I’ve decided that at some point later this year the site will close - at this stage I’ve not put a specific date or timeline on this, but it will be something that we will need to decide before making any announcement.

Over the past week i’ve considered all of the options (including some pretty amazing offers from you guys which I appreciate), but I think they basically pass on the issues to someone else - as discussed previously the revenue we get from the advertising covers our costs but isn’t sufficient to do anything else (like pay staff or contributors etc) - advertising was always a vexed issue on the site and i’m not convinced that increasing the amount will necessarily improve our revenue

But money is only one part of it, we all lead busy lives and we’ve all said that the time that we dedicate to the site is not sufficient to manage it (myself included) - some of the blow ups we’ve seen recently about queued members highlighted to me again that we just cant cover the management of the site in a way that we are happy.

So, where to from here? Quite frankly i dont know at the moment - we probably need to decide when we want the site to shut down first. Other options may materialise once we make the announcement, but they may not either, time will tell.


You should give some thought to letting a few of those ads for “adult services” slip through again. I know it’s not a popular idea amongst the puritans here but last time it happened we managed to pay site hosting fees for six months. Who said these guys only ever got excited over a news relaunch?


Perhaps we need to bring back the personalities forum. They were creepy as fuck (BUCKIE, anyone?) but Jezza seemed to make ends meet ok when we had those and presumably surrounded by ads.


Agreed, definitely think we need to bring back some of the dodgy ads - I mean it’s easy to just blame google or the forum software with minimal fuss from our members.

Gotta be careful that all the pictures that’ll get uploaded won’t increase our hosting costs too much.


Hmm true.


I fear some of our users could end up before the courts on stalking charges should the personalities section be revived.


@bacco007 All good things must come to an end mate. I hope KnowFirst is ready for the massive increase in traffic!


That account paying off today in the 7 presenters thread.


We can’t possibly close the site while Ten is in their current ratings predicament. Our members offer a valuable service to the management of the network and I fear Paul Anderson and Bev McGarvey will be let go by CBS should the insight and suggestions offered by our members be lost to them. The Australian television industry needs Media Spy if it is to continue in its current form. Perhaps we need to consider sending Ten an invoice for the consultancy service we provide them?


The countless pages of advice that users like jb76 and William_C provide would have to be worth a few thousand bucks. It’s not like CBS is short of cash.