Shortwave. HF Radio. High Frequency


Using what receiver?


Tecsun PL-606.


Receiving BBC World Service (English) from Oman with my XHDATA D-808 on 12065khz at the moment.


4KZ Innisfail on 5055 kHz received from all NSW locations I’ve been to the past fortnight.

All over the Hunter region, North Sydney (away from power lines), Mt Fairy between Bungendore and Tarago, Oberon (again, away from power lines and the industry EMF emitters), Lithgow, Gulgong.

Very susceptible to electrical impulse of any kind and general high levels locally of EMF, needs more power.


Picking up Radio Vanuatu with the D-808 this evening on 7260khz.


Picking up 5055 4KZ again in Melbourne tonight at 53dbu. Edit: Picking up BBC World Service again on 9900khz at 81dbu, KTWR Guam on 11995khz at 55dbu and World Harvest Radio on 9930khz at 60dbu.


Received Radio New Zealand International with what I would call a decent signal (with a tiny bit of interference) and also World Harvest Radio although that one was bit crackly.

World Harvest Radio:

Radio New Zealand International:


I’d love to hear the DRM broadcasts via SW:

Would there be any other DRM broadcasts available on the eastern seaboard of Australia without the need for Ham radio style equipment?


I’d just like to ask is there any UHF Repeaters in Melbourne that are still active? I’ve tried the Bacchus Marsh one that I have been told is active but It doesn’t seem to be.


Melbourne Inner North
South Yarra
Safety Beach
Ferntree Gully
Warburton ?

Are all Melbourne TV UHF repeaters that are still active.


I was referring to UHF Radio but TV still good.


There’s a UHF 5 repeater near Geelong


Thanks, Anything Other than Emergency? I was told There is one at Bacchus Marsh and one in Whittlesea that is still active.


It often gets used for non emergency purposes


Oh sorry!

I obviously forgot I was in the SW/HF thread :blush:


Are you talking about CB radio?




I have found some Asian Music being broadcasted on Air band at 130.990mhz in Melbourne. Does anyone know what that could be?


I’d try the Random or Pirate threads, SW is above the AM band to 29999 kHz.