Shortwave. HF Radio. High Frequency

This is the place to discuss shortwave or whatever you prefer to refer to it as.

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The ABC has let Australia down in a big way:

All for a saving of $1.9M.

Tennant Creek domestic shortwave was upgraded in recent years with DRM+ capability. Imagine shortwave with less or no fading.

ABC let the Roe Creek (Alice Springs) site run down, refusing to fund repairs for switching.

So far, the Senate campaign by ALP, Xenophon and other senators appears to be falling on deaf ears.

No evidence of any follow up to petitions etc.

India is an enthusiastic user of DRM shortwave:

This is a fascinating read, especially their mobile transmitter. In a container for easy shipping by road, rail or air. Another container houses a 60 metre long mast for AM transmission that can be easily assembled. Fantastic innovation not seen here.

Domestic shortwave may return to Australian radio:

From ‘Transmitter sites of Australia’ Facebook group (why not join?):

By Paul Karlstrand:

Hi All, there is a New Shortwave Radio Service that will commence in May 2017. Using 5055KHz and the TX Site will be at Innisfail Queensland, Program Content will be provided by NQRADIO.COM.AU - Radio 4KZ

You can contact Paul via Facebook: Redirecting...

The Innisfail service is yet to commence, still to iron out some minor technical matters. With over 20 sites to look after, it can’t be their highest priority.

This is its ACMA Radcom entry:

I note that 5055 kHz frequency was/is being used by Craig Allen as well.

Here are the full list of Broadcasting - HF Domestic Service Licences:

Most are licenced as low wattage, 1kW seems to be the mode wattage.

Remember, these are only licences, it’s likely most are not on air.

The ABC states in its submission to the Senate hearing into the proposed Xenophon amendment to the ABC Act that would force the ABC to restore SW services that only 20 people in the NT have contacted them about loosing the service. The ABC claims that most of the population in isolated areas are listening to ABC NT Local Radio on VAST. The ABC also states that the NT SW broadcasts were only ever for the NT and any reception outside the territory was fortuitous.

It’s all here:


As received near Crookwell NSW today.

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Just out of curiosity, has anyone been able to receive any short-wave signals at all lately? If so, what signals were you able to receive? The reason why I ask is because, oddly enough, my car radio can receive short-wave radio signals, however I can only ever pick up a Chinese (I presume) station on a regular basis. I used to be able to receive the Radio Australia signal as well, before it ceased broadcasting. I’m just interested to know if anyone else has had any experiences with short-wave radio in recent times. :slight_smile:

Radio Australia is no longer on air. Went off earlier this year.

Yep. I used to be able to receive it, before it stopped broadcasting.

Apparently ABC has already handed in their licences for their three NT domestic HF sites.

Peter Tate has moved his 2368 kHz licence from Brisbane to Wee Waa and had it shifted to 2325 kHz. Not on air yet. But find him online, station X etc and ask him when.

I can’t say I have really ever been able to hear his Shortwave broadcasts… I think he uses for experimentation… On the other hand when I lived in Central Queensland I often heard his 1692kHz Broadcasts at night.

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I was in Kiama for most of the evening, so I decided to make the most out of the opportunity, by doing a band-scan of shortwave radio. Oddly enough, my car radio (which is an aftermarket one) has the functionality of being able to listen to shortwave radio. This was the first time that I had ever conducted a band-scan of it.

It was quite an interesting experience! If you recognise any of the stations and know where they are transmitting from, please feel free to let me know! :slight_smile:

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Is this a Kenwood Deck? as I know there Shortwave is quite good… Can’t see what it is due to the video been in the dark

When is 4KZ getting their shortwave operational? Great idea, would love to hear it working.

It is working, since Dec 2017. 5055kHz. But at reduced power until tx repaired to get it up to full power. The 4KZ SW outlet was even mentioned on ‘Talking Lifestyle’ 954kHz the other day.

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Why was it mentioned?

From memory the particular program was being syndicated out to many other radio broadcast stations & there was mention of 4KZ (in this instance) & their shortwave service as part of the promo. I don’t think the SW freq was mentioned though.

So you’re the listener! (to Talking Lifestyle)


Wow, was curious to know what program from TL would be syndicated.