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Wonderful history there @TV.Cynic, thank you very much.

What I have in presets is 2310 (Alice?), 2325 and 2485 as the night freqs for the NT domestic SW that they stupidly shut down.

So yes, 2300 for a band, forgot what number, last night tried 2200, there was a foreign station on there interestingly.


I can tell you that 4KZ SW relay on 5055 shuts down at 11:57pm nightly.

Silly me, the 2200 was simply ‘off station’ to the BOM allocation of 2201 from Kordia’s site just north of Charleville. Yes, that’s correct, the Australian Govt’s BOM pays the NZ Govt to use their site.

Ok, while I’m on the BoM use of SW, here are the details:

I tried tuning to the Charleville freqs, they do come on air at the bottom of the hour EST but on every frequency, the voice is muffled/distorted. Why is this? Have tried both LSB and USB and fine tune of to no avail.

So what equipment are you supposed to have?


Review of Australian Broadcasting Services in the Asia Pacific

The Government is undertaking a review of Australian media services in the Asia-Pacific.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation ceased shortwave broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region in January 2017 ahead of a transition to FM transmission.

The review is assessing the reach of Australia’s media in the Asia-Pacific region, including examining whether shortwave radio technology should be used.

All media distribution platforms – television, radio and online – are being examined including commercial, community and publicly funded services.

The review is also looking at different types of technologies such as analogue, digital and satellite radio and television services and online services.

The review will analyse the:

 coverage and access of existing Australian media services in the Asia Pacific region; and
 use and value of Australian shortwave technology in the Asia Pacific region.

The review will cover:
 all media distribution platforms (i.e. television, radio and online);
 commercial, community and publicly funded services; and
 different types of technologies such as analogue, digital and satellite radio and television services and online services.



Craig Allen’s 4835 kHz service, ID on air as ‘Ozy Radio’ is back on air.

Switched on again closer to the start of August.

From outer Sydney. 1 kW transmitter.

Be great to hear from where you can receive it.


4835khz Ozy Radio coming in red hot locally in Hobart, and on WebSDR’s across NZ. Audible on WebSDR’s as far as Canada.



Can receive the station in Brisbane but the signal is too week for general listening.


Seems Ozy Radio is back broadcasting and has moved to 4835khz. Can anybody confirm? I’m receiving it fairly clearly here in Melbourne at 5322 Strength. (Last time I heard Ozy Radio it was on 5045khz)


I should try to record another bandscan of Shortwave radio sometime soon. My car’s stereo system has the functionality of tuning in SW frequencies, so it’s quite convenient for me to listen to/record. The last time I recorded a bandscan was back in December:


Check the posts above yours


I hadn’t listened to SW radio for ages, but I did try for 4835 kHz yesterday and it was very faint and not very listenable. That was on a Tecsun PL-880 with just the telescopic antenna here in Newcastle.


I was using a Tecsun PL-606 with the Extender Antenna and could hear it fairly clearly in the backyard, I heard a bloke talking about Ozy Radio then some “Australian Independent News” came on.


Anyone able to explain why (to a beginner) that I can hear ABC Radio Victoria on SW?


Strong AM band stations overload the receiver and can sometime be heard on multiple frequencies across the SW band. Check if the station exactly matches the local ABC AM station to be sure.


Could be a harmonic of 594 ABC Western Victoria perhaps?


Link was broken when I looked so no idea what freq you were listening to.
So in absence of that or receiver type, I could ask what kind of receiver you were using, how far away from the local ABC mediumwave transmitter you were, frequency heard on etc? Overload or harmonics/mixing products are most likely.
Try reducing length of antenna, reducing RF gain, attenuate signal in receiver or at antenna etc


The ABC Melbourne transmitter is 8km away from me. The frequency I was listening on was 2370khz which i presume is borderline SW? and I was receiving it on a Tecsun PL-606 with the extender antenna that comes with it.



Mmm. You could try to reduce the antenna length bit by bit. If signal suddenly disappears once a certain length is reached then it could be a case of overload within the radio. The more expensive radios have better immunity to overload with such things as front end filtering. With only 8kms distance from a 50kW ABC transmitter it’s not unusual to get a lot of spurious signals in the 120mb from nearby MW stations. Also sometimes corroded copper pipes in the region and the like can create a electronic diode 'knee curve" effect & cause strong MW signals to radiate on many frequencies & multiple frequencies & mix with other stations, that’s a difficult problem. As mentioned by AustraliaAerial the 4th harmonic of 594kHz is close to your 2370kHz, but comes out at 2376kHz.

You could try this given the radio has a MW loopstick antenna built in. If signal is sourced from eg ABC Melbourne 774kHz. Tune your radio to that frequency & rotate the 606 for precise null of signal or signal at weakest. Now tune to 2370kHz without moving the position of the radio. See of that works if not try it for 594kHz.

You can try another receiving location or think about external antennas that are directional & also MW trap filters. Investigations with RF can take a lot of time with much patience required.

Good luck.


Anyone know what is broadcasting on 11935khz, 11905khz, and 13614khz?