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I can’t recall program was travelling in the car at the time, can’t recall day or time except it was last week.
Thought it was TL I was listening to, can’t be 100% certain unless channel changed to 2GB.
Summer holiday break with different stand-in announcers can confuse one.
I understand more of 2GB programs are syndicated throughout Australia than TL’s.

There are some few programs of Talking Lifestyle I’ll listen to - yeah I realise there’s not many listeners :wink:
I have several favourite programs from several AM/FM/DAB+ stations that I listen to depending on day of the week & time & sometimes depending on topic/music broadcast at the time.

Years ago I would have stuck to the one station. We have too much choice now.


Saturday Night Live with Pete Graham?


RE: Saturday Night Live with Pete Graham?

Yes @AustralianAerial that must have been it. Heard whilst driving that evening & looking at the podcast promo info for the 27th of Jan on TL website I do recall Pete Graham mentioning that he was going to be talking to John Waters about his John Lennon - Looking Through a Glass Onion show in the US.

Well done. Great detective work.


Roothy’s Outback Australia is also syndicated out to multiple stations commercials stations and also the entire KIX Country network.


Ozy Radio operated by Craig Allen on 5045 kHz from Razorback, south of Camden NSW is also on air.


4KZ also air promos for their 5055 kHz service on their AM main broadcast program.


No it’s not. I can’t remember what the brand of my car stereo is, but I know that it’s definitely not a Kenwood Deck.


Looks like a Pioneer DEH-X2650UI


Yep, that’s it. :slight_smile:


AH ok, wasn’t aware Pioneer had SW in some of there radios

My bad, was looking with tired eyes :wink:


4KZ on 5055 kHz is turning off their transmission at midnight.

Once the sun goes down, good reception of 5055 in Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

It is very susceptible to RFI however, need to be in clear space away from modern technology.


Turning it off for good?


Off each night.


5055 kHz 4KZ Innisfail:

Well received before sunset at Mount Tamborine. Very stable signal.

Tried again around 10pm down at sea level near the Nerang River, signal quite good, but drifting more, seems like adjacent channels at 5050 and 5060 kHz.

Very susceptible to RFI, not receivable at this distance inside buildings.


Ok, so out for dinner, and your lady asks to go for a walk afterwards, what can you do on the walk besides hold hands?

Get out your SW radio and see how reception is. Not whilst holding hands of course, only a quick check out of the car.

Did just that at Kangaroo Point around 11pm tonight. Eastern end of Holman St. Right on the Brisbane river, in quite some clear space, underground power and a fair distance from apartments. Signal was weak, audible, fading in/out. Despite a fair distance, lots of RFI on all lower SW channels.

Then, western carpark of Murrarie Rec Reserve off Wynnum Rd, between Northcliffe and Vane Streets.

Away from the CBD RFI, signal is near perfect, louder and hardly fades. 70m from powerlines, 140 from built up structure such as petrol pumps and signs.

Minippi Parklands housing estate. It’s a new estate, all underground power and very few houses finished with electricity. Not as good as Murrarie Rec Reserve but head and shoulders better than Holman St Kangaroo Point.

Kate St Carina at eastern end almost, opposite #32 where there is a locked gate just off the road. 26m from powerlines and 40m from domestic RFI, the reception was less again but again not at Kangaroo Point level.

Summary - 5055 very susceptible to RFI at this distance, but great in the bush away from AC power etc.


Next time, try a small pocket radio in the other hand and earphone in the other ear so the missus doesn’t notice you DXing :rofl:

Reminds me of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor trying to do that listening to the football when he was supposed to be at a wedding on “Home Improvement”… I used to LOVE that show.


She’s fine with it, I’d love to find a hand held radio with SW at 5055kHz to give it a try.

Firstly, there’s a shortage of any radios with SW and even less that tune to 5055.

I also wonder what the reception would be like if this NVIS SW service was on a lower frequency closer to the 2000 kHZ mark?

The background noise sounds less of a problem there or 2200.

In other news, I rediscovered the time pips on 5000kHZ, great way to set clocks without internet. Also on 10000kHz but less signal.

@Radiohead the writing of Home Improvement was brilliant, for a US show, it was great. Loved the cameos from Wilson, he was a great actor with very cleverly written lines.


5055 is close to the frequency the one of the ABC domestic shortwave stations used in Queensland - VLM4 4910.


Thanks @TV.Cynic. Was that from Brandon (Townsville?). What program went out on it?

Until 2017, 4910 kHz was in use in the NT for the ABC, I think at Tenant Creek. I have a whole page of Australian SW freqs in world band radio presets, I think I saved them in order of Alice, Tenant & Katherine.


AFAIK VLQ9 and VLM4 were from Brisbane. Townsville was Radio Australia?

On the 2200kHz frequency (it would have to be 2300 to get in a band) these have been used in tropical countries to provide quasi MW radio - reception is very local. Yes VL8T Tennant Creek was 4910 - so obviously the 75m band is a popular choice for coverage of this type. VL8A 4835, VL8K 5025. VLW Perth used to be 6140.