Seven Tennis Coverage

Advance advice from Seven on their tennis coverage for 2017

:tennis:HOPMAN CUP

From Sunday 1 January when defending Aussie champions Nick Kyrgios and Daria Gavrilova return to Perth to play alongside Swiss maestro Roger Federer and Belinda Bencic with day two being broadcast on 7TWO.


On Seven for day matches and 7TWO for night matches commences from 1 January when six grand slam champions headline the richest field of talent ever, including Rafael Nadal, Stan Wawrinka, Angelique Kerber, Sam Stosur and Garbine Muguruza.


Commences from Sunday 8 January


From Tuesday 10 January


From Monday 16 January on Seven.


This week’s issue of TV Week has the schedule for Hopman Cup and Brisbane International. Day session of Hopman Cup will be on 7mate nationally and night session will be on main channel in most states.

Yay my favourite time of the year when the Tennis starts up!

Nine Days to go until the Tennis takes up Seven’s January Schedule.

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Not really - they do have Hopman Cup and Fast4 but then it is back to summer filler before the Australian Open.

The Brisbane International begins on Jan 1 and the Sydney International begins on Jan 8. Both go for a week. And covers the first two weeks. Then the Australian Open beings on Jan 16

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Aren’t we talking about the main channel?

Not sure how anyone can watch this over the big bash. Boring in comparison. Seven very reliant on casual viewers who pretend to like tennis for two weeks then couldn’t give two fucks about it the rest of the year. Cricket is the preeminent national sport in this country.

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That’s ridiculous. All the grand slam events grab a big audience.

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Some people like cricket, others might prefer tennis instead. The fact that people can choose between watching either or both on FTA can only be a good thing

I assumed that most of the Brisbane and Sydney tournaments are on the main channel. Well, at least during the daytime. Not too sure of prime time thoigh

We must all like and watch the same thing… Man, I hate comments like this. Tennis is my favourite sport, I must be a boring person.


i love Tennis myself. I hate cricket, but i don’t go around saying one is a national sport better than the other. That would be…unethical. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Has Seven finalised its commentary line-up for the Australian Open yet? 2008 Open runner-up and former world No.1 player Ana Ivanovic announced her retirement overnight so she could be available for special comments. Seven will have to fight against the likes of ESPN and Eurosport for her services though.

Sadly They shafted them to 7TWO a few years back even during the day.

The daytime coverage for the Brisbane International will all be shown on Seven with the night session shown on 7two. As for Sydney, all the coverage will be on 7two except for Mondays daytime coverage.


Will be interesting to see if new graphics will be introduced this year as they were during the first year of the 2012-2016 AFL broadcasting rights.

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Judging by promos and the new logo… possibility is high.

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[quote]Tennis Australia is facing a new crisis amid claims a potential conflict of interest could have influenced the decision to sell the television rights for the Australian Open to Seven West Media in a private deal worth around $200 million.

The decision to sell the 2015-2019 broadcasting rights to Seven West Media before launching a competitive bidding process has never been explained by the sport’s governing body despite speculation it may have lost up to $50 million in potential revenue.[/quote]


I’m curious at whether this is trying to in some way discredit Tennis Australia or Seven