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Seven has gone to lengths to promote its Sydney to Hobart yacht race coverage. During the cricket broadcast on main channel this morning there was a pre-recorded cross to Matt Carmichael, plus 4-5 clips showing the Sydney Harbour.

EDIT: the race start is simulcast live on both main channel and 7mate.


NFL Playoffs 2018 week 1 schedule on 7mate (all times AEDT)

Wild Card Weekend
Sunday, January 6
Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans, 8.35am
Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys, 12.15pm
Monday, January 7
Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens, 5.05am
Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears, 8.40am


For those playing along at home, Chargers @ Ravens is a CBS host telecast (CBS are also doing the Super Bowl this year), Indy @ Houston is an ESPN/ABC host telecast (apparently their coverage and commentary this year has been putrid), Fox is the host for Seattle@ Dallas, and NBC covers Eagles @ Bears. Fox will be host for both NFC divisional games, with NBC host for the AFC divisional game in Kansas City.


CBS will host the New England divisional game against either Ravens or Chargers


According to TV Week, Tour Down Under’s People’s Choice Classic will be shown live on TV for the first time next Sunday. It’s scheduled from 4.30pm to 6.30pm AEDT on 7mate, after the final stage of women’s race (on main channel from 3pm to 4.30pm AEDT).


NFL Playoffs 2018 week 2 schedule on 7mate (all times AEDT)

Divisional Round
Sunday, January 13
Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs, 8.35am (host broadcaster: NBC)
Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams, 12.15pm (host broadcaster: Fox)
Monday, January 14
Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots, 5.05am (host broadcaster: CBS)
Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints, 8.40am (host broadcaster: Fox)


Yes that is correct. First time for 10years that the Sunday Race is during the afternoon and not starting at 7:30 is why it’s live on seven.

Also expect the race to be cut short on Tuesday and Wednesday, Adelaide weather looks really bad for the first two days, and also looking at longer term weather not good at all. image


Broadcast times for next week’s Tour Down Under have now been posted on the event’s website.


Will there be streaming rights for Seven?

Edit: There is. Good to see. Hopefully Seven treats the event well, if not better than Nine.


Is this the first time Seven have broadcast this event?

Edit: Just opened the link. Yes it is.


Actually no. I can remember Seven broadcast the event in the early 2000s (at that time it was shown in South Australia only, national coverage would come later with SBS and then Nine).


This is the second time. They had it for one year, after Ten dropped it. It was shown around Australia but only Highlights late at night. Nine was the first channel to show it all afternoon, al stages live.

SBS only showed the Saturday and Sunday live all day.

The coverage is also produced by the TDU so seven’s coverage will be very similar to Nine’s. Be interesting what the response is from Fans who whinged about nines coverage.

Also it’s on mate in the eastern states, nine showed it on the main channel expect when against the cricket.


It will probably be the toughest tour Phil Liggett will ever call with the loss of his co-pilot Paul Sherwin not so long ago. Robbie McEwen and Jens Voight will do OK, but they’re trying to fill the shoes of one of the best so hopefully they won’t get panned.


Sunrise sport presenter Mark Beretta will anchor together with a panel including Jens Voigt, Anna Meares, Stuart O’Grady. Seven sport reporter Nicki Barnet will file colour pieces.

The schedule shows Adelaide having the cycling on 7mate on January 19 (TDU website lists Adelaide broadcast on main channel on that day). It’s probably due to Seven televising the BBL semi-finals on the main channel.


McEwen, personally, is already miles ahead of where Sherwen was. As for Voigt, has an unnecessary extra.


Graphics seen during racing coverage today resembling cricket package.


Looks nicer/glossier? But that might just be me.


Haven’t the horse racing graphics been glossed up for a while now? Because I remember them being like that (although I guess it’s possible that they may have been tweaked) during the Spring Racing Carnival in November.

TBH, I’m actually a little surprised that Seven haven’t changed the font to that Gotham-esque one used for the cricket, news and just about every other On-Air Presentation element which has been shown on the network recently!


As in the Batman city?


Nice little tribute during Seven’s Tour Down Under telecast to cycling legend and commentator Paul Sherwen, who died last month.