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If Seven can go all out and secure every AFL match exclusive to FTA (As well as digital streaming) then I think it would be a good deal for the sports and for the network. I’d prefer them to focus on getting the AFL rather than going half-arsed for AFL and Cricket (heck, they should probably forget about Summer sports and focus on AFL, program some decent shows during Summer).

The AFL SHOULD NOT be greedy and want a hyper-inflated amount like Cricket Australia, unless if they want to screw themselves over as well…


Unfortunately they have to because of the deal they did with the Players Association. If they don’t inflate the rights the revenues will drop, resulting in a pay cut for the players (they negotiated a percentage of revenues to go towards wages in the last CBA) which they won’t go for. The best way for the AFL therefore to get this is to set a high price for the digital and streaming rights, given the TV component has probably maxed out.


Still, they can raise the price and land a decent deal. I’m no financial expert but knowing the current deal is $1.2 billion (I think) right now, that would probably rise to about $1.8-2 Billion at the next round of negotiations. Seven better be ready to make that call when the time comes. $1.8 Billion for all matches on FTA (plus streaming) over a period of 5 years.

Maximise exposure through the power of FTA and allow the game to thrive.


The bigger component will be the streaming, the Television component will undoubtedly be smaller as fewer eyes are now watching that apart from the GF.


I’m sorry but there is no chance a FTA station will have exclusive rights ever again. I can only see if getting worse with the potential of Fox getting an exclusive finals match or something. Seven have already made so many cut backs in their schedule to suddenly be pay 2 billion would mean they would have to be exclusive AFL channel.

And to be honest I think Ten will play real hard in the next AFL negotiations.


10 would be wise to work with Seven in this scenario. Have something similar to what they’ve had before (alternate finals/Brownlow), as well as certain matches on Seven/others on 10. It worked for them between 2002-2011, they should try it again and lock Fox out.


But it means they would have to fork out 1 billion each. Just won’t happen without a pay service l. Whether it’s 10 all access, Fox or Netflix. You will never be able to see all AFL matches for free.


I am with Tom_TV7. Lock Fox out. Not everyone can afford Pay TV. And at one point, I was so sick of all the junk mail persuading me to sign up. I am all about supporting free-to-air television. :slight_smile:
But I agree that we are living in a world that nothing is handed to you for free anymore :frowning:


Oh I agree I wish all sport was free. Just isn’t going to happen.


The basis for your scenario is wrong. The current rights deal is $2.508 billion over six years with Seven paying $140 million (+ $10m contra) per year for the FTA rights


Wow it’s even more inflated than I thought.


The 2018 Inter Dominion final will be shown on 7TWO this Saturday (December 15) from 9pm AEDT.


I think the only situation where an FTA broadcaster could own all the broadcast rights to a major code would be if they planned to start up a streaming service, which would host, say, half of those matches exclusively behind a paywall.

It’d be hard to recoup $1.2+ billion through TV ads and sponsorship alone.


Seven’s gone to a bit of trouble with the Inter Dom tonight, Hamish with panel live at the track, opening package voiced by Dan Milecki.

Thought they’d do most basic coverage possible.


According to TV Week, the Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race will be shown live on 7mate on Boxing Day from 12.30pm to 2pm AEDT. The broadcast time is the same as last year, just different channel.


Yep, there was a graphic on one of the days with the cricket saying that cricket would be on 7 on Boxing Day and Sydney to Hobart on 7mate.

I’d imagine they’ll do their megawall view a bit during it too like how they’ve been doing during the tests and the WBBL games.


Matt Carmichael replaces Mark Beretta as host of Seven’s coverage of Sydney to Hobart.



That would Be due to Mark Beretta hosting the Tour Down Under in Jan.


Isn’t it more to do with him being in the UK for Christmas?