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Interesting to see it on 7, 7Two and 7mate depending on the market and promo versions for each, bit of a throwback, as might’ve been seen during split schedules with Olympics or Comm Games on the network. In tomorrow’s case, due to combo of AFL, BH&G (both also on different channels depending on market), news and time zones.

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The match graphics for AC Milan v AS Roma tonight are in italics.

Commentators are Teo Pellizzeri and Stan Lazaridis. Seven Perth’s Ryan Daniels is pitchside reporter.


No pre match anything. Also Daniels was using a generic mic not a 7sport mic


Probably because Seven is also producing the world feed.


Wonder if Teo is there or in Sydney

Interesting. Last time Seven covered the Perth series of friendlies they had proper production.

Nsw and Queensland wouldn’t have been happy with the grainy SD on 7Two, however is available on 7Plus in HD

Coverage concluded at 11:14pm aest


7Two is HD in regional Queensland.


Was a very cheap production, noticed quite a few technical glitches.
Australian TV is in a sad state when this is the quality we get now.


Bro take a look at this promo :joy:

Cringe written by someone who doesn’t watch football (I’m talking about the clearly fake commentary lines) :joy:

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Well, I still think that promo had a bigger budget than the actual game.
Though, there was little excitement, it was like watching paint drying.


Watching it for the first time just now, here’s a couple of things:

When was the last time we had physical mats for goal-line ads? Would have to be a good 6 or more years!

Lots of Optus Sport advertising (given it’s Optus Stadium), despite the fact Optus has no Italian football (national team notwithstanding).

Note the Seven camera with the 10/P+ foam boards (left and right turned around and the front one turned to be away from the normal camera) :joy:

Fuck Teo says “venue” a lot.

Was Ryan Daniels the only option for sideline? Clearly doesn’t know very much (making a few mistakes with the few actual football related questions) and is just taking the talking points, plus pronunciation isn’t a strong point.

Some very cool drone shots, making up a little for the sub-par camera work inside the ground.

Very funny with the ghost whistle at the end there.

Another example of the Optus pitch looking dogshit.


Not sure what you’d expect mid AFL season


It always looks this way though (maybe not this bad). During cricket or AFL. How hard is it really to grow some consistant grass?

It’s not helped by the center square having to be relaid to facilitate the game and there appear to be remnants of paint from lines/advertising which never come out despite how much effort they make - the rest of the grass looks pretty good

I’m surprised they don’t do virtual ads like the Gabba or SCG do.

Congrats to Sandy Roberts on his Kings Birthday honour, OAM.

A great article on his career here too, especially the early details (ping: @TelevisionAU ):


Bruce calling Oceania Athletics: