Seven (Southern Cross)

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Discuss topics related to the SCA-owned Seven Network affiliate in Tasmania, Darwin, Parts of Regional SA/Broken Hill and Remote Central/Eastern Australia.

Old thread:

According to online guides, SC in Tasmania and Darwin will also broadcast Seven Melbourne’s coverage of the NYE fireworks in Melbourne CBD tomorrow at 11pm local time, meaning the event will be shown live across the Apple Isle but delayed in Darwin.

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Same as previous years then. :wink:

according to this SC is prohibited from talking to 9 about a takeover due to an exclusivity agreement with 10

Yeah it seems SC cant talk to 9 until Feb 29th. 3 month clause.

Regarding the reach rule, is southern cross likely to sell its Darwin, central, Tasmania and SA stations to the seven network, and assuming full control of ten Tasmania, ten Darwin and ten central?

Does the reach rule affect the ownership of the stations owned by joint ventures?

Those digital services are licensed as a supplementary service rather than a stand alone license. This is to allow the existing networks provide a full range of TV services in areas that aren’t large enough to make a third operator viable.
I’m not sure if they would be allowed to split them away from the existing joint venture arrangement.

[quote=“Willwalk, post:6, topic:360”]
Does the reach rule affect the ownership of the stations owned by joint ventures?
[/quote]Given the above, these are an exception to the rule - generally it would only be possible to own/control one license in each market.

Does anyone in Southern Cross TV territory know if they still broadcast Aspire TV alongside TVSN and If so, are they all MPEG-4 or a combination?

Not sure I have the question clear - Aspire is on the SC10 multiplex on LCN 56 alongside TVSN on LCN 54 in MPEG2.

This is the SCTV thread, Cynic. :wink:

Prior to launching, the Southern Cross Television (Seven) stations carried TVSN and Aspire TV. I’m wondering if that’s still the case or if they dropped Aspire in favour of

Yep Aspire is gone here in TAS. If I remember correctly the LCN was shut down and put on 68 instead of just a straight swap.
EDIT: It’s only in MPEG-4

Thanks @Alista :slight_smile:

Have Southern Cross 7 updated any of there on air graphics this year?

Not that I have noticed although they have seemed to have slowed down on the “Always on” promos. That music can start to get annoying after a while :expressionless:

Signposts, promo endboards are in the new style. Can’t remember if the promo straps and PRG’s are from the old package or not, but they look similar.


Thanks for the uploads @CQtvNetwork. Didn’t know the SCTV watermark had moved to the top left. How long has it been there? I can only access the Central South feed here.

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Cheers for that!

Never new Southern Cross had a watermark, but I do remember they had if I recall a SCN watermark on the top right hand corner when I was on the boat to Tassie back in 2007 and they were using the 7 branding similar to what Prime does now…

Not entirely sure, recordings I have from early December have the watermark in the top left.

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Great to see a regional network with their own look presentation and being consistent with it rather than just taking the metro network and looking like a shell. Admittedly, the promos are from the metro network (Seven), but the SCTV presentation is good enough that it suits SCTV and looks like they made it themselves. Very nice work.

Personal opinion though think they should use a transparent version of their star logo for the watermark, rather than the generic ‘SCTV’, but it is better than nothing.

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