Seven On-Air Presentation


Saw a new and very colourful cylindrical promo for Ms Fisher on Prime 7 this afternoon.

Definitely as colourful as Ten’s new presentation.


Wow that is hideous. It looks like an ID from 15 years ago. So awkward, lacking any style design or creativity. 10s is so contemporary. sevens feels very in house and uncool


Seven Melbourne just played the Adelaide Station promo. Whoops :grimacing:




Incoming: a Masters level thesis on the inner workings of BCM


Pretty sure @BJT2 and @MBB are all over that!



More a lol they played it if anything!


Don’t forget MediaHub getting a mention!


Just saw the Prime version. Surprisingly they haven’t done much with it. There’s a Prime7 logo in the bottom right throughout, they removed the bit with the multichannel logos circling the Seven logo, and the end just has the Prime7 logo on a white screen.


I take it they’re localised, with the market specific news presenters featured still?


7food Network now has a 10sec ident (like the 7 coloured arrows, 7mate dog, 7Two beach and 7flix paint/water fill), with the logo transitioning with a water background with different fruits.

Seen on 7flix at 9pm.


Is someone able to upload all of these? I’d love to see them all together.


I’ll at least try and cap the 7food one form the 7flix Brisbane live stream in 15min



Thanks. :slight_smile:
Is it just me or does anyone else see/think channel 70 when they see the 7Food logo?


I just caught the end of this promo. New style?


It does look different. Saw a promo for ‘The Passage’ before (Prime endtag) which had the same look and thought the same thing. It looks like a pretty good minor evolution of the current package.


I was going to mention a few days ago that some of the newer promos promoting ‘Feb 28’, have the same animation transition and colour differences as the newest Network promo. I have a feeling we’ll be getting an On-Air Presentation refresh, as another MKR promo features the same arrow transition wipe in purple, and there’s a newer Sunrise promo with footage similar to that seen in the Network Promo.

Here’s a GIF I made from the recording it off the TV since Seven hadn’t posted it online at the time, it carries the same expanding outwards arrow animation:



As mentioned in the Seven Southern Cross thread, the new promo has been edited and is now available on the 7 Tas News facebook page.


There’s a big 2019 coming your way here on 7 Tasmania - Lead by MKR on January 29.

Starts 28 Jan everywhere else. :open_mouth: