Seven On-Air Presentation


:roll_eyes: Seriously. Do we need to get into an idents measuring competition?

I think they’re both good in their own ways and they’re both different. That’s good enough. Move on.


Exactly. Even if Seven produced something that we ‘wanted’ people would probably still say it’s a copy of Nine’s or 10’s or whatever.


Nailed it. Some people seem to love Ten here (and Nine to a lesser extent). I’m going to be facetious and say that Ten’s is inferior because it doesn’t include news :stuck_out_tongue:

Also well said. This would definitely happen :smiley:

Look, it’s not perfect, but I appreciate that these local idents are airing. Makes presentation more exciting IMO.


Personally I think Ten’s 2018 Relaunch Ident was pretty overrated - there were a lot of recycled elements from the previous On-Air Presentation package and even some shots from the 2014 “Turn on Ten” Relaunch Ident in that one!

As for the one Seven are currently running, it’s not even that localised. Shots of local news presenters in front of fairly generic background graphics and “[MARKET]'s Favourite” (except Sydney, where it’s “Australia’s Favourite” for obvious reasons) as the tagline at the end…big whoop! Maybe if it was like the “:heart:7 [MARKET” Idents that ran during 2018 which actually had the local presenters on-location around town, it’d be something interesting to talk about.


I’m just replying to what has been said before in the forum and adding my opinion, just like you have. But sure, attack me, feel free to ignore the rest of my post and miss the point of it anyway.
(My point was that this ident feels rushed, has less money invested in it and not as high quality as what’s out there elsewhere.)

It clearly doesn’t even matter. Seven and Nine’s ratings, to me, seem to prove that you don’t need a completely polished presentation package to win.

If we’re not here to compare what we’re seeing, then what’s the point of this entire forum?


Calm down. It wasn’t meant as an attack of any sort. I was resonding to all the ssmd comments and just used your post as an example of what had already been posted. Thanks for listing all the others. You don’t have to follow the other lemmings off the cliff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s alright, just seems like a quick attempt to make themselves look fresh without really changing any elements of their look except the tagline font. The throwing of the 7 logo at towards the end looks really awkward. Especially when Freddie “catches” it. He’s clearly meant to be holding a phone.


Hold my beer.


I personally don’t see how it’s really similar to Ten’s, there’s only so much you can do with a personality based ident! It’s not catastrophic like some seem to think IMO, not Nine 2007 levels of awfulness!

Yep, it does look a little rough around the edges and excessively bright on occasions.


I agree.

As a big fan of most Nine’s On-Air Presentation (the entire network? That’s extremely debatable), even I have to say that was absolutely awful. Who could ever forget the infamous “nut grab” by Jules Lund?! :confused:


Who did you prefer to do the nut grab?


Peter Overton of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you believe the legend perpetuated by Karl Stefanovic and Kyle Sandilands, there’s one obvious answer to that question…


There’s a legendary nut grabber? :open_mouth:


Well, Seven actually does News :stuck_out_tongue:


Same news gets repeated on all bulletins? :wink::joy:


60 Second Versions:


Hate to nit-pick, but should Mel McLaughlin have an Olympic lapel pin on?
Seeing as it’s a non-olympic-broadcast year… that’s rather naughty!


such a rushed promo


It’s all file footage, doubt they had much to chose from.