Seven On-Air Presentation


I wonder if we’ll get a locally produced version for Perth, or if it will be an amateur re-creation. Hoping the Perth version has the same level of polish.

I was getting that vibe too. I love how playful it all is, it’s something missing in TV Presentation nowadays that makes the channel memorable to viewers. Wonder if there will be a Presentation refresh to coincide with a certain date, like how the 2016 refresh was.


I just wanna see the Prime7 logo with the multi channel logos spinning around it with 7food missing


and if 7Tasmania do a version with 7food and 7flix missing.


But this time there are 7 colours instead of five. :wink:


Perth version:


TV promos are always cringeworthy, that’s part of their appeal :wink:

They couldn’t have changed the footy team colours to be Perth teams?


Bit surprised no Basil, considering he is 7 News, Sport & WS. Monika for TT is also missing. But otherwise good promo.


I feel they have also taken some hints of inspiration from the pre-2000 On-Air Presentation from 1999 as they all had localised promos as well…


Here is all 90 Sec versions:


Gonna be honest, I really don’t like much about this promo…

As others have mentioned, it feels like a cheap and tacky version of 10’s.
The gloss logo feels so out of place as well and looks so dated (they’ve used that gloss in their news package for so many years now)

I’d love for 7 to opt for a white logo on coloured backgrounds (I believe they had a look like this around the 2008 era?)


Nah I really like it. Watching these network promos definitely shows that this is Australia No 1 Network. There is so much confidence in their brand to viewers and advertisers.


The Sydney and Brisbane idents also feature Melissa Doyle, Andrew O’Keefe, Colin Fassnidge and Australian cricketer Nathan Lyon to compensate for AFL content. All four are missing from Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth versions.


Yeah…I’m not feeling the love for that Ident either. Might’ve been great five years ago, but surely not now?

And although I’m not overly surprised that “Australia’s Favourite” has been used for the Sydney version, it’s still absolutely hilarious that Seven thinks that taglines referencing their national dominance (“Australia’s #1” for the news promos is another) will impress viewers in this market when improving the quality of the news service and being more involved in local events would be far more likely to attract Sydneysiders to Seven.


Let’s face it, Sydney will probably still watch Nine even if Seven actually improves their news service and becomes more engaged with the local community.


They had a white logo on red in 2004 I believe.

I personally think it looks quite good visually, probably with the exception of the glossy logo. I thought that the news scenes were executed better than Nine’s ‘We Are The One’ promo/ident last year, with that awkward stare. The song is a different matter, that would have been okay 30 years ago!

I agree to an extent, but it’s no different to Nine using ‘We Are The One’ for a market like Perth, where they get smashed.


Yeah, fair point. The tagline “We Are The One” (TBH, I didn’t find that promo massively impressive either) really should’ve only been used in the markets where Nine are actually #1. Same deal with all the years Nine Perth used the “Still The One” slogan while Seven dominated the market.


The music is annoying and the boring shots of the news presenters…especially the Perth promo :joy:


It’s nice to have localised idents again I guess. 7 Melbourne used to do them brilliantly.


I also don’t see how this is better than 10…

Some of the graphical effects don’t work well and are poorly done - the key is really harsh on a lot of the personalities, the cricket ball hitting the bat doesn’t move near naturally enough, the 7 logo goes weird when its getting thrown around and hits Freddie Highmore’s hand, the afl player cut out landing on the front bar desk is odd and I don’t get the point of the fingers swiping and zooming… there’s no consistent theme to link everything together - yeah there are colours in the background - but they’re not even there the whole time.

I think the whole thing is overly complicating a simple concept, scale back the lame attempts at special effects and you’ve got a half decent package.

The only saving grace is the wipe from the final elements back into the logo-space. It’s very satisfying.


I like them! Daggy, fun. Nothing too serious.

Doesn’t hurt their brand, doesn’t harm anyone.