Seven On-Air Presentation


Having grown up through Nine’s era of over-produced Still The One promos at new year, I’ve not found much to like in current day efforts but I thought this one from Seven was a good promo. The gloss on the logo is fine IMO. Though it’s not going to make me watch any of those shows (except Zemiro and ATN)


The promo is very colourful. Good on Seven on using a song by a local band (Holy Holy) too.


Interesting that Zemiro is included yet I don’t believe Seven has made an announcement regarding another series of ATN. Perhaps she’ll be doing AGT.

Paused the video to get a look at the new chaser but you can barely see her. Looks like they’ll continue to fly in The Beast and Governess to record episodes.

I used to always set the VCR to catch those on NYE but haven’t bothered for years. Always looked forward to those big budget, extravagant season launches. Probably best Nine didn’t bother producing a personality based launch promo this year given the Today purge would’ve required them to do some heavy last minute editing.


That’s a song? I thought it was some piece of cheap production music. I may need to diversify my radio listening beyond Smooth FM and WS.


Look up “Faces Holy Holy” on YouTube and you can hear the original song and see the music video (shot in New York City).


Here’s a version I recorded that doesn’t have the clock on it:


I really like the extensive use of the arrow and the consistency of it throughout the promo. The news/sport/weather transition with the colours does remind me of The One To Watch, it’s the most colour we’ve seen from Seven since 2003! I can tolerate the gloss, I think it suits the Seven logo more than the Nine logo.

I think it is very good as a whole, because as I have mentioned here in the past, I do miss these sorts of long local idents with colour and network personalities. Also like how the Channel Seven TV Man and 7Mate dog are here as well, but where’s the 7Two mini TV?

Some negatives:
*The song has got a really happy feel about it, but it’s quite slow and comes across as a little daggy if i’m honest.
*Not a huge fan of the hand everywhere, it’s good for a 7Plus promo, but doesn’t really work here.
*Obviously Seven News will keep the blue this year!
*A voiceover would have been nice as others have mentioned

The holding of the Seven logo (especially Andrew Denton) reminds me of Nine’s awful ‘warehouse’ package.

It’s nice to see the arrow being used more than it has in the past, and it’s nice to see Seven producing these sorts of idents again. The launch on NYE was something which Nine always did in the days of ‘Still The One’ I believe. Overall, a good ident I think.

Thanks for uploading.


The colourful presentation reminds me of Seven’s early 2000s on air look with the first variation of the ribbon logo and “The One to Watch”


The sports parts of those promos are always so awkward, in this case I can’t unsee McGrath’s howzat.

And all I’m reminded of is the Frontline parody of Nine’s yearly promotional extravaganza, with the editing team need to do creative editing just to get the talent to do high fives because they all, not so secretly, hated each other.


I was also thinking about that episode of Frontline when I made the comment earlier about the Today purge. Mike had questioned why they hadn’t done the promo yet and the reply was that they didn’t know who was still in the family.

Other great lines from that episode:

Jan Whelan: We’re shooting it in a way that no one need be within a 5 kilometre radius of each other.

Emma: Why?

Jan: Oh, this is television darling, everyone hates everybody else, that’s why we spend so much time promoting how well we all get on… One Big Family, darling!

Brooke: [studying the script for the commercial] Jan, it says here I’ve gotta do a high-five with the weatherman.

Jan: Brooke, no one’s doing a high-five with anyone, darling. It’ll just appear that way.

Brooke: Good, 'cause I’m not touching him.


Pretty please with Sugar on top! I hope Seven brings the rainbow theme back.


Bit of a nitpick but why is the person using the remote not pressing 7?

Anyway I really like the multi coloured theme of the 2000s and I hope 7 goes back to something similar. I’m not a fan of the glossy logo, but we’ve seen gloss show up in other parts of Seven, including news and sport, so it makes sense that it’s in the logo too.


Wasn’t a fan of the glossy logo in the 2000s but they fixed it in 2003 after poor ratings


Queensland version


It’s definitely fun, but a little cringeworthy in places.


A bit similar to 10’s promos? I spose its a tv station too.


Dare I say it… a little better than Ten’s.


Surely this is the inspiration?

Even has TV Man diving off the logo:


Will be interesting what Prime do with this?


The Queensland version cut nearly 30 seconds from the Melbourne version, including references to the AFL and House Rules judge Wendy Moore’s comment.