Seven On-Air Presentation


Yes!? Seven had aired “next” PRGs frequently for at least a year or two, on all channels including main channel up until a couple of months ago, when I brought the discussion up about Seven’s metro PRG having been changed…

I also brought up a few weeks ago, how Seven have brought them back. However they don’t air after every ad break now, only at randomly selected times.

NB/ The “next” line in the PRG also sometimes has a 7Two/7mate/7flix/7food logo promoting a program on a multi-channel. Since the changes, still happens but less common.

@TV.Cynic was able to back me up last time with caps about 7Two/7mate previously having a bizarre PRG at the start of a program.

Perhaps he has some caps of “next” PRG lines on Ch 7 in his archive from past year or two? :slight_smile:


Program promotion in PRG for another channel (seen on 7Two just after 9:30pm), for Christmas Vacation Christmas night


Just saw a local christmas ident on Seven Melbourne with the Melbourne news team.


It’s airing regularly today. Says ‘Seasons Greetings’ at the end with the Melbourne news team and the Seven logo with a christmas hat on it.
Is this airing elsewhere? I don’t anticipate that it would be.


Seven’s 2019 promo just aired during Melbourne’s NYE coverage. I think it has state editions because the clip shown tonight features Peter Mitchell and Mike Amor.


Yep, the Mike Amor and Jane Bunn version just showed on 7 Tasmania with the tagline “Melbourne’s Favourite”.

I reckon there’ll be a Tassie version soon, hopefully. They seem pretty good at getting them around.


Was it like a Seven News promo or more of a promo/ident promoting Seven and its programs as a whole?


All 7 programs, home and away to the chase to cricket etc… I’ll upload later today if nobody else does.


Did noone manage to cap or record it :frowning: I nearly did, but thought regular MS Melb cap members would be all over it.

It was a flashy, colorful, prolonged promo (still using the ‘arrow’ theme), with all the usual suspects.

At the very end, a “7” logo on a white screen with a cheeky but true tag-line:

Melbourne’s favourite


Bit of a revival of the rainbow colour scheme for Seven:


And a 3D logo right out of 2009. :roll_eyes:


My god that’s revolting.

Hope the rest of the promo was a little slicker.


Melbourne promo during NYE show.


That style might’ve looked cool on Nine about five or six years ago, but not so much on Seven in 2019.

A pity that I wasn’t recording Seven to see a local version of the promo for Sydney - presumably they would’ve had to run with “Australia’s Favourite” in this market? Because we all know who “Sydney’s Favourite” TV network actually is, and it’s not Seven! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’ve been saying a lot that Nine should be moving away from the 3D gloss - its seriously getting dated now.

Bad move from Seven if they are indeed moving to a glossy logo.


Not to much of a change if it indeed is a change in graphics package but who knows


This may be the Peronis talking but I don’t mind that promo. The Cash Cow is such an udderutilised talent at Seven.


I’m getting 2004 vibes…

To be honest I don’t mind it too much. In fact, I like it. It’s something different and fresh since 2016, while taking some elements from the current look, and even the 2000-2003 On-Air Presentation with the heavy use of colour. I had a feeling we would see more colour due to the Miss Fisher’s MODern Mysteries promo. Wonder if Perth got a local version…

That music is pretty good too.


Confirmation there that both Adriano Zumbo and Rachel Khoo are back for Zumbo’s Just Desserts.


I like the idea of it. Love the use of colour.
The lack of any voiceover is a bit disappointing.
Looks like they have tired to take inspiration from Tens new package too. The whole “throwing the logo around” and the icing on it etc.

Didn’t like the swiping finger on the news but though… took away the credibility

Overall better than what I’ve seen but the glossy is a bit dated.