Seven On-Air Presentation


oh yes, I’m sure. but hey, anything to save a buck


Haha as far as I’m aware, promo schedulers are still at BCM, only the commercial schedules are put together overseas.


7mate’s funny V/O Duncan Fellows having some fun in another 2019 promo


Movie tie in

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Surprises me that Seven can’t make a cricket promo that has the start time in AEST for Queensland. I think most people who saw this would take no notice of the AEDT and expect today’s test to start at 12:30pm.


Just saw a Holmes and Watson movie tie in ident with TV man. That’s about 3 of them in three weeks now.


Impressive but “the seven seas” cue 7 logo the cringggeeee!


7flix end credits split-screen (rare), targeted at the demographics that were watching “Frozen”, showing the trailer for the upcoming Wreck It Ralph film


Can’t really class this a news crawler; but a promo for Sunrise.


Anyone know if this aired in all markets or just Brisbane/regional QLD? I think I turned over right before this.


The “Live Coverage from 6am” would only make sense to Queensland viewers.


I like the “Seasons Greetings” ident from Seven News Perth (as seen on 7flix Perth a few minutes ago).


Movie tie in


Proving just how rarely they even air it (here in Sydney at least anyway), I finally managed to capture the 2016/current generic 5 Second Channel Seven Ident in native HD this afternoon:

For comparison purposes, I’ve also uploaded a clip of the Prime7 version which was recorded on the Central Coast a month ago. If you ask me, they’ve probably got better MPEG4 HD picture quality than the network!


I reckon I last saw it in Melbourne about six months ago! I think it’s only really used when they have got a little bit of time to fill in, but it would be nice to see it more often.

7Two also have a ‘beach’ ident which airs occasionally, mainly early morning.


Are Next-only PRG’s common? I recorded this one last night:


I’ve never seen one before. Very good find.


If the program title shows in the program itself, they can do a ‘next only PRG’ which promotes what is coming up next.


True, but this doesn’t appear to be the case here. Also no mention of the classification, which I thought was a requirement when rejoining a program? An error, maybe?