Seven On-Air Presentation


Was it the tie-in for “The Grinch”? TV Man follows the Grinch and his dog and gets tripped over.


Yeah, it was like that. It was the dog from The Grinch as well (according to Google) so that confirms it.


They’re back! Seven have returned the 2nd line (promo) in the PRGs, at least on 7mate.

Now reads “next” (“more Highway Patrol”) and “later” (“MegaTruckers”).

After vanishing on all channels a month or two back.


Spoke too soon it seems, looks like not all the time actually and saw one with no PRG at all (just the watermark lit up and a classification), but it definitely came back once.


Little Big Shots USA for summer non-ratings


Seven have managed to make their PRG look worse, since bringing back the 2nd promo line :confused:

Almost like someone else is in charge of lining-it up, maybe it isn’t even done from BCM now


nah, it would be. someone new in traffic maybe…


Traffic doesn’t do them… as far as I’m aware?
It’s either presentation or on air.


@OnAir what are you up to!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Traffic schedules them.
Presentation plays what they’re told.


;). we’ll talk more in PMs :).


You sneaky devils.


Slide on in


There was a new Seven Sport production ender themed for BBL this arvo.


Christmas ident from 7 QLD.

(I just missed the first few seconds)


I’ve always found it a little odd how Seven don’t actively air full promos during the early movie on Saturdays promoting the later movie (~9pm), yet they still usually air two short “next” promos.

Do Nine are proper promos during the 7pm movie? Or just air these short teasers prior to the later movie too?


Multiple sponsor billboards during Love Actually tonight, specially for it, Deeksy even said in one of them “Love Actually is proudly brought to you by…”.

Usually sponsor billboards only air coming out of the first and last ad breaks of a program.


Is that unusual?


Very, 90% of sponsor billboards just say generically “this program…”

BH&G is the only regular exception off the top of my head.


obviously a very large ad campaign sold around the movie.


I think Seven’s traffic (did I get the department right MS tech doyens @lexington @MBB? :stuck_out_tongue:) moving overseas hasn’t been top notch, as on 7Two at 7:54pm a promo for “new Emergency Call then new Aussie Border tonight 7:30” aired :roll_eyes: Whoops