Seven On-Air Presentation


.ost likely not.

same with first run animation on mate…




Just an update on Seven’s PRG changes…

The 2nd line (which promotes another program, including next when it’s the last PRG) has definitely gone completely from Ch 7, 7Two and 7mate.

7flix still does it for “next” on most programs, but as we know controlled from a different play-out facility, so maybe the memo wasn’t passed on.

For main channel, as I suspected, Seven are now opting the heavy use of those ‘banners’ instead (e.g.) there was a banner right after the PRG after the last ad break in The Good Doctor, promoting “next” for The Resident with a photo of Emily Van Camp and colour scheme. I’ll try and cap it.

I don’t like this new approach. While it’s good to see less PRG time (clutter) across the network, the intrusiveness of those banners is even worse!


Hate these so much. Look cheap and tacky.


Forgot to mention, came across a 7mate sponsorship tie-in ident the other day, with the 7mate ‘guy’ (from the ‘big movies’ promo earlier in the year) showcasing a petrol.


A petrol what?


RIP the 7mate dog :frowning:


There’s a video on the ‘Brian Taylor’ Facebook page of Bruce and the rest of the Derby Day coverage hosts and reporters dancing to the song ‘One more time’. I am assuming it will be part of a network promo coming soon.


Sorry! Couldn’t remember the company (like Mobil or Shell).

Not at all, he’s still used across network idents (HP ‘home’ ident and 7mate ‘movie of the week’ ident just to name a couple, plus all the time filler 5sec ones where he licks the screen).


It was used as the opener to the Derby Day coverage yesterday


Would it not have just been for Derby Day? Ender used it too.


Can anyone confirm if Prime7/GWN7 created this 7TWO ident or not?


Did Seven pull the “I’m coming” cricket promos, following the public backlash and media reporting?






There’s a difference between public backlash and widespread public mocking.


Definitely mockery in this case.


Cricket sponsor ID (like they’ve done for all regular sports - AFL, tennis, horse racing) featuring a couple of network personalities. With John Deeks V/O for the billboard end tag


Other elements from the Avatar promo


Just saw a movie tie in ident with TV man on 7Two with a small dog. It had ‘gottaloveit’ at the end, proof that they’re still using that slogan.
Don’t know what movie it was though.