Seven On-Air Presentation


network promotions have always been centralised. you can always tell a locally made promo by it’s tweaked graphics, different style etc.

For example, I remember a decade ago Nine Perth couldn’t animate the lower third super for the date and time… so it stayed on or faded off.


AFL Finals (today)

Night At The Museum (main channel version, 7mate version uploaded a few days ago)

Battleship (main channel version)

Battleship (7mate version)

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Blast From The Past (network premiere)


Little Big Shots “Double Shot” promo

Independence Day 7mate

Taken 3 7mate

Mr Deeds

50 First Dates


Rosemary & Thyme promo

The Front Bar promo variant

Deja Vu promo

Ch 7 PRG: 7Flix advertisement

War Dogs (premiere)

The Fault In Our Stars (network premiere, INCORRECTLY promoted as a “premiere” - indeed aired on Ten a couple times in 2016)


Jimmy Barnes movie

Australia’s Amazing Homes final

The Fault In Our Stars main channel version, 7mate version in above comment (again INCORRECT “premiere” heading, it was a network premiere

Armageddon main channel version, I wasn’t able to cap 7mate version (which has aired for past 18 years on Seven, most likely end up on Ten soon)

Horton Hears A Who (network premiere)


New In Town

Indecent Proposal


Seven are now claiming they are the royal network with their latest promo


They started claiming that before the last royal wedding. What century are we in? Not something most viewers would find to be a positive.


Wont rate :joy:


Oh dear :confused: Presentation play-out fail!

There’s never been a better time for a new BCM

Whoops, didn’t realise I accidently cropped it, will try and re-cap. Said “Tatum Channing” (his name is of course Channing Tatum).


Systemic play-out error with Channing Tatum’s name in the “next” promo PRG on 7mate, in all markets (this time was Adelaide and a different scene). Poor guy :pensive:


I’m sure he’ll be fine.




I would’ve thought a computer system automates them, from Seven’s programming guides / info? But clearly in this case was misread or maybe someone did type it in wrong?


Where I work, it’s pulled through from the TX schedule automatically, but can be manually changed. I’m guessing that person made a mistake. It happens.


GI Joe: Rise of Cobra

The Bucket List

Thor - main channel version

Thor - 7mate version

The Lorax

Me, Myself & Irene

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Thor: The Dark World

Ever After

The Descendants


A promo for WA Community Citizen of the Year Awards aired just before 11.45pm tonight on Seven Melbourne by mistake.


Haven’t seen a Seven ‘end of movie split screen’ (promo/credits) used on 7flix before…


Seven just had a multi-movie promo which was different to their normal graphic templates, for “Suicide Squad” premiere Thursday, “Batman vs Superman” premiere and “all Harry Potter movies on 7”…

Couldn’t cap it in time.


His name’s actually Jeff.