Seven News (Regional Qld)


The normal presenter crew are in Central Queensland today. I would assume filming a local advert? (Not sure why they’d be doing it on a Friday though).

[quote=“7 News CQ Facebook page”]The 7 News presenter team have been touring parts of Central Queensland today.
They’ve visited everywhere from the Gladstone Port to the Gracemere Saleyards.
Make sure you say ‘hi’ if you see them around!

They seem to be using an iPhone for filming?

Pictures from Facebook


Sunny Coast tonight


Is that Steve’s first bulletin anchoring down there?


I believe it is. It’s the first time I can recall both Rob and Jo being off at the same time.

One of the strengths that 7 News has over their rivals is the quality of their back up team, and the fact they always have a co-anchor or fill in sports presenter. WIN could do well to learn from them.


They are using a DJI Osmo - the camera is the ball thingy on top of the stick and the phone is just used as a screen.


Local News tonight


Why do they not roll-out dual presenters to every market?


Or just have Steve Titmus anchor everywhere that is currently solo anchored, and have Jo Desmond in areas that are currently double headers.


Steve would be loving his move to Queensland and the work he’s had on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. He has innate confidence that despite life’s twists and turns, always stays strong.


Nice - thanks for finding those pics. The camera guy’s name is Mitch. He worked with us down at Ten Sydney and at 7 Sydney. A great shooter and really well respected - a brilliant asset for 7 Qld.


Livio presented Sunshine Coast weather LIVE from Caloundra tonight. First time I’ve seen him out of the studio. Rob crossed live to him midway through the bulletin for a quick recap on the storm.

EDIT: Looks like Rosanna Natoli is presenting all other regions.


Decorations for 7 QLD Local News


Wow that set looks so old and outdated! I wonder when it might get an update because it is probably the oldest set in Australia at the moment.


I’m pretty sure that Southern Cross Tasmania has an even older news set!

But you’re right, the Seven News Regional Queensland set certainly could do with an upgrade!


It’s not just the set that feels that way sometimes :slight_smile: - but the viewers seem to love the service even so.


The same decas that have been recycled year after year.

As I have mentioned previously, Seven News Regional IS getting a new set. I don’t know when but I am predicting sometime early next year.


This has been talked about for the last 12 months… will it ever happen?


Seven News QLD doesn’t need a new set - the set is fine - just refresh the current set. Change up the lighting and maybe make the background a bit larger - there is no worries with it.

Its a - regional - news - set.


Yeah, I actually agree. Replace the projection screen with a couple of new plasmas and maybe do something with the front of the desk and it would be fine. I really like the sense of depth and space compared with most news sets in this country which are very flat and two dimensional.


[quote=“sammy123, post:173, topic:235, full:true”]because it is probably the oldest set in Australia at the moment.
[/quote]Not quite…

[quote=“SydneyCityTV, post:174, topic:235, full:true”]
I’m pretty sure that Southern Cross Tasmania has an even older news set![/quote]…That is what I was about to say. SC have them covered by a decade or so I think. :yum:

Shame. SC can’t even be bothered putting up a tree like they did on at least two occasions years ago.