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Seven News Content and Appearance
Seven News Content and Appearance

Joanne Desmond returned from holidays today as Rob begins his. Tasmanian presenter Steve Titmus is keeping Brough’s seat while until he returns however he and Jo have swapped positions. While Luke McGarry is back doing sport, Rosanna Natoli is presenting weather until Livio returns.


So that’s where he is these days. How long has Steve been working at SLN? He was a great when I last saw him present for Southern Cross News down here many years ago.


Going by what Jo was saying last night was his first anchoring and appearance on SLN. And when I asked Katie Toney, it sound like he is only up here for a brief stint.


who was the user here years ago who had a fascination with this presenter?


I’ve done up a few interesting compilation videos of 7 Local News bulletins from different regions shown side by side.

The audio is a bit of a mess (as you’d expect with 6 videos playing at once), but it is interesting to see them all playing side by side.

I couldn’t fit all 7 bulletins into the video, so I’ve left the Wide Bay bulletin off from this video.


Following on in the same theme.

This is the weather report from Thursday night for all regions (excluding Wide Bay, as above) shown simultaneously.

Note, all shots with Rosanna on screen are identical in all markets.
The Sunshine Coast bulletin is different however, due to it being presented Live, while all others are prerecorded.

Note also that the Toowoomba region had a separate ending to the weather report to through back to the desk, while all other regions went to the fishing report.


And finally, the fishing report shown simultaneously for all markets, except Toowoomba, which does not air a fishing report.

Interesting to see that the fishing report is the exact same audio in each market with local images inserted and a brief mention of local “hot spots”.

Of note, the Sunshine Coast bulletin (bottom right) shows “Picnic Point” as the location for the segment at the start, while all other bulletins do not.
This seems rather odd to me though, as Scott Hillier lives in Townsville and works on a local radio station. So I’d say it’s unlikely he filmed that little section of the fishing segment from a Sunshine Coast based location.


Midway through the CQ bulletin last night the rear projection featured the cityscape from the Cairns bulletin. Back to normal for the throw to ad break.

Following that all angles used were in such a way that the rear projection wasn’t on camera.


May have been stories that were shown in both regions that they forgot to use the side shots for?


Looking back is was essentially the whole block bar the first intro following the bulletin opening. I’m guessing it was just some kind of technical error, not that it’s something that most people would even notice.

The story selection was predominately local, many of which wouldn’t be able to be used in other regions, let alone FNQ.

A government building fire in Woorabinda (local indigenous community)
Business set on fire in North Rockhampton.
Irukandji jellyfish warning (network report)
Farmer trapped under tractor at Limestone Creek (northern Rocky suburb)
Vaccine shortage (network report) and
A local Facebook page trading beer for goods/services.


I noticed the pre-recorded sections when I was in Wide Bay over Christmas/NY. It appears slightly disjointed. That said, Seven Qld do a great job producing all of those bulletins with the same presenters five days a week, as well as a live bulletin to the Sunshine Coast.


Why are those openers so inconsistency though? Some have headline transitions, others don’t. they have different voice overs.
and why not just have 2 presenters on all the bulletins?


…and Seven Local News could probably do with a new set as well. Sure, even after all these years it’s still one of the better news sets on regional TV but it really looks like something from 15 years ago IMO!


I don’t mind the current set, but it is probably due for an upgrade. It’s been the same for as long as I can remember. [quote=“SA_TV, post:13, topic:235”]
why not just have 2 presenters on all the bulletins?
I wonder this everytime I travel south to Mackay and watch 7LN.

They had dual presenters in Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton and Toowoomba and only one presenter in Mackay, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast.

Initially, I would have thought the smaller (population) markets would be the ones that would have only one presenter. But I’m pretty sure the Sunshine Coast market is the most populated of them all.


and get rid of the paddle pop lion! :stuck_out_tongue:


Scott moved to the Sunny Coast…


This is interesting



If you compare that to the metro markets, Sydney and Melbourne generally make do with one news presenter on most networks, but the smaller cities of Bris/Adel/Per are more likely to have dual presenters. So 7LN appears to be following that trend.


Steve Titmus again filling in for Rob Brough for the past few nights. Joanne solo in Toowoomba.