Seven News (Regional Qld)


Agree, predictions are rubbish. It’s like predicting the end of Townsville’s institution: Pricey. Impossible, why bother, forget it.


Well, ring them up, write letters, email!


[quote=“crankymedia, post:182, topic:235, full:true”]Well, ring them up, write letters, email![/quote]Serious? What would that achieve? I very much doubt they’d care what I thought. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and get rid of the paddle pop lion who reads the news.


Seven News from the Sunshine Coast tonight with Joanne Desmond


At least they have transitions now (even though it is the old version).


With the Tennis on 7Two at the moment, the regular 7 News replay on 7Two from 6:30-7:30 isn’t airing at the moment.


The Sunshine coast bulletin has always had transitions. The others do not.


Seems that 7 Qld are still using old pinstripe background gradients on the boating/fishing/beach reports.

As compared to the rest of the weather.

Gold Coast for comparison.


The weather graphics on the Maroochydore based bulletins never seem to get updated in line with the metro ones…


Emergency Warning Siren broadcast on the Sunshine Coast this afternoon.


Live Cross on the Sunshine Coast bulletin tonight.


Is that a mock?

A live cross or something live from a studio would have been better.


Similar things happen for cyclones too from what I have seen.


News crawler


No, not a mock.
I recorded this off the online stream for 7 Sunshine Coast.

As mentioned, this is the same thing as what 7 airs up here whenever a cyclone is moving in.


Sunshine Coast news tonight

The warning messages are very familiar in Queensland thanks to many cyclone warnings over the years.


Wow, Joanne is a 10x better presenter than Rob but that new set can’t come soon enough and is that 7 News logo different to the normal one used? The journalists unfortunately have nothing on their Brisbane and Gold Coast counterparts and it’s amazing how different the quality of the bulletin in compared to the much newer Gold Coast version in a number of ways - an investment in the Sunshine Coast News would definitely go a long way I think.


Text on-screen and the voiceover should match word-for-word. Very confusing trying to read and listen at the same time.


New promo just aired based on the current ‘experience’ promos from the state bulletins. It was actually well done.