Seven News (Regional Qld)


There was discussion on the old forums long before the Central Queensland bulletin was launched that they were planning the Darling Downs bulletin first, for whatever reason that never eventuated, but may explain why they had a Mike Higgins voice-over for the Toowoomba bulletin. Mike used to do all the promos of 7LN also, so his voice was quite prominently featured across the 7QLD network.


All seven openers as featured from Monday night. The Sunshine Coast bulletin is still the only bulletin to feature headline transitions, don’t understand why they are unable to do it with the rest of them, it looks messy without them.

Far North Queensland

North Queensland

Central Coast

Central Queensland

Wide Bay-Burnett

South East

Southern Queensland


And they’re all from Maroochydore not the other regional cities


Is there a reason why some editions have Rob and Joanne and others just have Rob?

(As an aside, he needs to wait for the theme to fade out before he starts talking, and not have massive pauses around “good evening” and “thanks for joining us” - reminds me of Veronica Corningstone when she first fills in for Ron Burgundy…)


Not sure their reasoning behind it, I know she presents the Cairns and Townsville bulletins because she was familiar in those regions from Ten Local News. It may just be a legacy thing in the solo markets, if it ain’t broke…

It’s quite interesting from watching old videos how much Rob’s presenting style has gone down hill over the years. So many awkward pauses and cringe worthy moments.


Seven QLD have done a great job with electing local images and skyline that feel local and represent the cities. VO’s sound good. Just the set needs an update - and the quality of the video wall needs to be upgraded to a plasma so the local skyline loops like bright. Now they are so dark and washed out.

Rob is TERRIBLE though - he’s so awkward!


Yeah, never thought about that. It might also have something to do with Jo’s work hours.

Thanks for the uploads. I do like the updates thus far, now for the set…


Yes I agree.
I lived in the Wide Bay Area for many years and do not recall Rob being so bad. At the moment he’d rival Wally Lewis for the worst reader on tv!


This is quite an interesting video that i’ve put together last night.

It shows all 9 of 7’s QLD markets simultaneously last night during 7’s full hour of news.

The recording starts around 5:50pm and goes until just after 7:00pm.

Markets are shown in this order: Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Gold Coast.

The video is mostly sped up to make it easier to get through, though the interesting parts run at normal speed.

Of interest, it’s cool to see the weather report ending on the regional bulletins and to see how efficient they were at returning all bulletins to the Brisbane news at the same time (I honestly didn’t think they’d make it on the Wide Bay feed, which was way behind the others).
Also, of note, the regional news bulletins all air ad breaks at different times.

Another interesting thing to notice, is just how much stuff is cut out of the condensed Brisbane news which is shown in regional markets.
The regional markets rejoin the live feed of the Brisbane news at the start of the sport, which is about 10 minutes into the video.


Still no transitions though in the opener…


That’s the same as what Prime do in Albury.


That suggests that there’s a lot of cruft, filler, and Brisbane-centric stuff in the bulletin.


Katie Toney presenting with Rob Brough in Townsville tonight.

Normal voiceover correctly said “This is 7 News, with Rob Brough and Katie Toney”.


Great job NQCQTV2, that was really interesting!
And well done 7Qld, that is a massive effort five nights a week.


As mentioned above, Katie Toney was presenting alongside Rob Brough on Thursday and now has her own voice over.

She also presented in Toowoomba, usually Rob or Jo present solo when the other one is away.


They’ve probably realised that Rob Brough isn’t as competent presenting by himself anymore so they’re hoping the addition of another presenter will make up for what he seems to be lacking nowadays.


I think it is more that Katie Toney and now Steve Titmus are available to fill-in. Years ago, no one was eligible or now that Rob and Jo’s years as anchoring are numbered.


Rob’s style evolved at the time the local content quotas were introduced. I’ve always felt he talks slower to stretch out the content to meet quota.


Totally agree. From the video’s of him I’ve seen, he must be one of the slowest reading presenters in the world!


Katie Toney (who has been presenting on and off for the past week) and Steve Titmus are anchoring in North Queensland tonight for the first time together as a duo I believe. Who presented for the south, Steve? Luke McGarry is also on sport and Rosanna Natoli is on the weather.

BTW, IMO, these two anchors are far better than the permanent ones.