Seven News (Regional Qld)


And the reporter is now wearing a tie. :blush:


New promo coming out last week, locally base but saying " 7 News, Queensland Number 1". With the new set, I think we will see an updated V/O and opener to match the rest of the package. ( Hang on, if they are moving towards Seven News branding, they wouldn’t be consistent would they :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


When is the new set happening? Or is it just a rumour?


A Crooked one at that. But a start none the less


Katie Toney told me that when the new graphics were launched, a new set was " in the making".


7 Local News Update super


A couple of nights ago (I think it was Monday), I was watching 7mate and saw a “7 News Finance Update” air late at night, presented by Joanne Desmond.

Haven’t ever seen one of these with the 7QLD crew before, are they new?


Noticed one when I was in Rocky last week. Aired at around 10pm. Fairly sure it’s only a recent thing


New openers tonight in the new style, the word “local” is no longer used.

Conveniently, I just so happen to be recording all 9 of 7’s QLD streams, so I got a copy of all of them (except Cairns, as my stream failed)


That might mean the set change is coming or on the way soon.


Here’s some caps of the Cairns titlecard, interesting use of different footage:

Also the Mike Higgins voiceovers have been retired in favour of Nicholas McKay.


Looks very similar to the update Melbourne (and presumably the other metros) go a few weeks ago (of course with the exception of the local imagery).
I’m not really a fan of the gold writing in that first screen - it seems like it might have been inspired by their branding from around the 90s.


Gosh it does look very similar doesn’t it! :open_mouth:


First seen on Monday’s bulletin on Sunshine Coast, but don’t know about elsewhere.


This was how all of 7’s QLD markets appeared as the new opener was shown. (Excluding Cairns as my stream had failed. Bottom two are Brisbane and Gold Coast).


For what it’s worth, here’s a montage of tonight’s Seven News Cairns including the new/recently introduced titlecard:


It’s been in use across all regions since Monday night.

All voice overs are now done by the same guy, whereas Central Queensland used to be the odd one out. We may finally see fill-in presenters Katie Toney and Steve Titmus get their own voiceover.


Yeah, I think that Craig Willis did the intro to the Central Queensland bulletin for some reason while the others (even the Toowoomba/Darling Downs bulletin from it’s launch late last year!) had Mike Higgins.

Admittedly I’m surprised that the regional QLD bulletins didn’t decide to go with the “Live from our (city) headquarters…” voiceover guy (who’s name I don’t know) that Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sydney/Melbourne use, but good to have a point of difference I suppose! :slight_smile:


Aren’t they all prerecorded!!


The Sunshine Coast bulletin is live while the others are pre-recorded, as far as I know.

Mind you I wouldn’t put it past Seven to eventually do a “Live from our Maroochydore headquarters, this is Seven Sunshine Coast News with Rob Brough” voiceover with that VO person…which would probably have to be digitally sped up to levels usually reserved for disclaimers at the end of government ads so all those words can fit in the 5-10 seconds of the sting! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: