Seven News (Regional Qld)


It’s blocked by the IOC :frowning:


They blocked one of my videos too.


I notice that Seven LN on the Sunshine Coast has new images as part of the opener though of the same old style otherwise. Anyone elsewhere noticed this - started last Wednesday.


7 Local News Sunshine Coast new opener from Thu 11 August. Also shows the blue supers and red supers.

New images of region in new opener:

Old opener Wed 10 August


Still using the 2011-12 style graphics for the titlecard! :open_mouth:


Why change just the images? :confused:

Hope someone at Seven isn’t too upset it took a week for Media Spy to notice their work :grinning:


Maybe they don’t have the new modifed Eurostile/Square 721 font? I’d assume when they get the new set, (very long over due!) they’ll update the logo and make it more like the Gold Coast bulletin with the exception of the “Local News” branding.


Perhaps Maroochydore are waiting for the new set before fully retiring the “Seven Local News” brand and rolling out all elements of the new look? In the meantime though, they’re worse than NBN/Nine Northern NSW when it comes to local news branding IMO! :confused:

If Seven’s other Regional QLD bulletins are eventually branded as “Seven News (region)” like the Gold Coast bulletin currently is (complete with the titlecard being in the current look and reading “Seven News Sunshine Coast” or whatever the local region is), somehow I won’t be terribly surprised.


Why does it seem like he is having a seizure when he opens the buliten a weird ramble and a wink.


That honestly confused me too. Was he commenting on the music? Was it raining?


I think he opened with “as the rain tumbles down on the coast”.


But I don’t think he says coast; it sounds more like close.

Utterly baffling.


I originally thought he said “clothes” as “on the line” in the rain :grinning: but surely not.


“As the rain tumbles down on the clothes good evening”?

What could possibly be so bad about WIN News that this would be the ratings winner. Paul Taylor can at least speak properly.


Yep, disappointed he couldn’t get home to take the clothes off the line before the rain set in.


Maybe they’re not getting paid enough at 7QLD to be able to afford to buy a clothes dryer.


Maybe he was trying to save people from having to watch him present the bulletin by giving them an excuse to leap up and leave the room.

“Oh dear, my washing!”


Is it trying to give the “we really are live” impression maybe???


Got this cap from yesterday’s WIN News showing that 7 are now using “7 News” branded microphones.


First seen about 20 July